Science Education Department

Science Adventure Lab


The Science Adventure Lab might not be on the road right now, but we are offering modules virtually for students to continue their education. Each lesson is a 10-minute condensed version of what is taught on the mobile lab, supplemented with 10 minutes of live Q&A. In addition, you may read about activities (PDF) you can do from home!

Meet a Scientist

  • Q&A session with Science Education Department scientists

How the Lungs Work

  • Students will learn about the lungs and respiratory system by viewing pig lungs as an animal model that simulate human lungs.

Catch Your Breath

  • Students will learn about the lungs and how physicians assess how well the respiratory system is working using authentic medical equipment.

The Respiratory System and COVID-19

  • Click HERE to watch our video lesson about the respiratory system, lung health, and COVID-19.

Strawberry DNA Isolation

  • Students will learn about DNA and view a demonstration of a strawberry DNA isolation experiment.


  • Students will learn about the anatomy of the brain using a cow brain, as well as view a demonstration of an electromyograph to measure electrical activity of cells.

Vital Signs

  • Students will learn about how measuring vital signs reveal whether the body is functioning normally by demonstrating authentic medical equipment.