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Pediatric Pilot Funds


The purpose of the Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR) Pediatric Pilot Funds (PPF) program is to support investigators initiating "proof of concept" testing, obtaining preliminary findings, or conducting other activities necessary to prepare for competitive, full-scale grant applications. The outcomes of funded projects should help investigators prepare competitive submissions to extramural funding sources.

Pediatric Pilot Funds are intended for junior faculty with limited funding, senior faculty who are beginning a new area of translational research, and for the development of new collaborative teams. Junior faculty applications may be prioritized for funding. Proposals addressing translational and clinical research involving any childhood disorder or pediatric antecedents of chronic adult disorders will be considered.

The PPF program is looking to fund projects that demonstrate:

  • K to R transition projects and/or
  • Collaborative, multi-PI projects demonstrating future submission to extramural funding sources.
  • High-risk, high-yield projects needing proof of concept that can be completed by the end of the award period and preferably by the end of one year.

The program is administered by Pediatric Pilot Fund Review Committee Chair, Dr. Seth Friedman, and the CCTR Business Office. Please contact the CCTR Program Manager, Amanda Hartman, PhD should you have any questions. 

Award Details


  • Amount awarded will be a maximum of $20,000 for studies with a single Principal Investigator (PI). Projects that involve more than one PI from different divisions or departments can apply for up to $40,000. Projects can be up to two years in length.
  • Multi-year projects will have a set Year 1 and Year 2 budget. Year 2 funding will be contingent on Year 1 progress. Funds must be expended within the approved award period and carry-over from year to year is not allowed.
  • No-cost extensions are not allowed.
  • Awards are intended to support the direct costs of research at Seattle Children’s. Indirect costs are not allowed. Awards should not be used to fund work occurring at an external institution and sub-award contracts will not be approved.
  • International projects involving recruitment of participants, prospective collection of data, or transfer of funds abroad will not be funded at this time. 


  • Applicant must be a Seattle Children’s-based investigator.
  • Primary member of the CCTR with a faculty appointment.* Future grant applications must be submitted through CCTR.
  • Seattle Children’s nurse researchers are also eligible to apply if they are members of CCTR.
  • Fellows, other trainees or affiliate members are not eligible.

* If not yet appointed a faculty member, a letter from the division head/department chair should be supplied stating the date of appointment will commence at or before the time that PPF funding begins.

Allowable costs

  • Personnel and/or investigator salary
  • Travel (lodging, meals, transport, airfare, etc.) for the PI to present findings related to the awarded project. Travel must follow Seattle Children's travel and reimbursement policies. You must attach your abstract to your travel request to document travel was for the purpose of presenting your work.
  • Supplies and research equipment (capital equipment is not an allowable cost).
  • Other expenses, such as fees for core services and publication expenses.
  • Obtaining a consultation from the Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Analytics Research Core (BEAR) is required as part of the application process. Sign off is needed from BEAR even if your project does not require biostatistical support.

How to Apply for the PPF

Specific application instructions, format requirements and submission information can be found at the PPF Application Webpage in CHILD.

Key Dates

For precise dates, please visit the PPF Application Webpage in CHILD.



RFA Released

January – February

Biostats Consultation requests Due


Budget Draft Due (GCAs notified of intent to apply by this date)


Applications Due


Review of Applications


Award Announcement


Project Initiation Period

September 1 - September 30

Funding Begins

October 1


Contact Information

Amanda Hartman, PhD, PMP

Seth Friedman, PhD


Biostatistical Services (BEAR)
Your financial contact is your GCA. Please contact CCTResearch or the Program Manager if you do not know who is your assigned GCA.

PPF Committee Chair


Center for Clinical and Translational Research

For questions or inquiries,

Physical Address

2001 Eighth Ave.
Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98121

Mailing Address

PO Box 5371
Seattle, WA 98145-5005