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CAR T Cell Immunotherapy

Optimizing CAR T Cells in the Lab

CAR T cells are a patient’s T cells that are engineered to be able to better fight diseases like cancer. The Vitanza Lab uses CAR T cells targeting tumor antigens (such as B7-H3, EGFR, HER2, and IL-13ra2) that are on the surface of pediatric central nervous system (CNS) tumors at much higher levels than on normal brain and spinal cord. This provides a targeted way for a patient’s own immune system to better fight the tumor. We aim to optimize CAR T cells against pediatric CNS tumors by engineering them to have better effector function and enhanced migration in order to support a pipeline of clinical trials.

Clinical Translation of CAR T Cells to Early Phase Clinical Trials

As Seattle Children’s CNS CAR T cell Lead, Dr. Vitanza and a large team have helped develop one of the largest and most innovative CNS CAR T cell programs in the world. Seattle Children’s offers Phase 1 clinical trials using CAR T-cell therapy for brain and spinal cord tumors in children and young adults. These include BrainChild-01-02-03 and -04.

Seattle Children’s runs simultaneous clinical trials. This means that rather than waiting for the results of one trial before starting the next one, we share and apply knowledge that we gain from the trials while they are still ongoing. This process allows us to learn from open trials while also researching new treatments.

For more information about BrainChild studies, call 206-987-2106 or send us an email.