Christakis Lab

Collaborators and Current Lab Members


Nino Ramirez, Center Director, CIBR

Dimitri Christakis is breaking into bench science by partnering with Nino Ramirez and together they are looking at neurological responses to media in mice.

Dr. Ramirez, director of the Center for Integrative Brain Research and professor of neurological surgery at the University of Washington, is one of the world's foremost neuroscience experts, internationally known for his work in respiratory rhythm generation and motor control. He joined Seattle Children's in 2008 after spending 12 years at the University of Chicago, where he was chairman of the department of organismal biology and anatomy in the Pritzker School of Medicine.

Michelle Garrison, Principal Investigator

Dr. Garrison's research focuses on the interactions between sleep, media use, and physical activity, and how these in turn affect child and adolescent health and behavior. Her recent research has found that evening media use is associated with sleep problems in preschool children, as is violent media content at any time of the day. Upcoming research studies include an intervention to improve sleep in preschool children; studies looking at causality in the relationships between media use, sleep problems, and obesity; and examining how different types of video games affect sleep in early adolescents.

Lab Members

Benedikt Ramirez, Research Assistant

Julian Sergej Benedikt Ramirez is a research assistant working at the Seattle Children's Research institute in collaboration with Dr. Dimitri Christakis and Dr. Nino Ramirez. He graduated from Bates College as a bio-psychology major in 2010. Since then, he has been working on a controlled study trying to broaden the knowledge of what is known on the effects that television can have. The project involves over-stimulating mice with visual and audio stimuli taken from the cartoon channel to see what behavioral and neurological differences occur later in the mouse's life.

Other Lab Members

  • Lyn Bassett, Clinical Research Associate III
  • Libby Brockman, Clinical Research Associate II
  • Georgia Goldberg, Clinical Research Associate I
  • Lourie Ono, Administrative Assistant
  • Suzanne Peck, Clinical Research Associate I
  • Heather Violette, Research Manager