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Wait Times in Otolaryngology Have Risen to 2 to 3 Months; Please Partner With Us to Help Preserve Access to Specialty Care

April 5, 2023

The large number of referrals to Otolaryngology in recent months has lengthened the wait times for new patient visits to two to three months. Otolaryngology is actively triaging referrals. To help reduce wait times and ensure patients can be seen in a timely manner, we may redirect some patients back to their PCP if that is a more appropriate setting for their care.

Algorithms are available to assist community providers in managing patients with many of the conditions commonly referred to Otolaryngology, including:

Otolaryngology’s referral guidelines are located on our website. They offer additional details about referring to Seattle Children’s when your patient is experiencing conditions such as ear infection, sinusitis, strep throat, sore throat, and hypernasal resonance.