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Questions and Consultation Needs: Navigating Changes and Resources

March 25, 2024

As shared in early March, Seattle Children’s will make significant changes to the Provider-to-Provider line later this year and will begin piloting these changes with Endocrinology starting April 5. We know our community providers have questions about the upcoming changes, and we’ve been hard at work developing the tools and resources to help you navigate them.

Below, we have outlined scenario-based resources Seattle Children’s has for community providers. We have also developed a graphic that can be printed for quick reference in the clinic setting. Please note that in each of these scenarios, responding providers may recommend an alternate collaboration method based on the nature of the question.

Community Provider Resources for Questions and Consultations

Urgent Clinical Questions

It’s important to clarify that we define an Urgent Clinical Question as a clinical question that requires immediate attention due to its potential impact on patient health or safety but is not life-threatening.

  • For urgent clinical questions, call the Provider-to-Provider Line (206-987-7777) and indicate you have an urgent clinical question.
  • If you are or may be sending your patient to the hospital, call Mission Control (206-987-8899 or 866-987-8899) to help facilitate admission.

Non-Urgent Clinical Questions

If your question does not meet the definition of urgent as outlined above, there are several options for you to get assistance from Seattle Children’s:

Please note that we are working toward many of our specialties going live with eConsults as well as having the option available for patients in Alaska, Montana, and Idaho, and anticipate the use of the Provider-to-Provider line for non-urgent calls being discontinued later this year. 

Co-Management Questions

If you are actively co-managing a patient with a Seattle Children’s specialist, you can send the patient’s specialist an In Basket message via EpicCare Link. In some scenarios the specialist may recommend an eConsult or referral for the patient.

Logistical, Referral, or Scheduling Questions

Our Healthcare Professionals site has many resources related to the referral and scheduling processes for our clinics and programs.  

For referral questions, you can reach out to Clinical Intake at 206-987-2080.

Other Question and Issue Escalation

If you are unsure what to do or experiencing barriers working with Seattle Children’s, you can reach out to your dedicated Physician Liaison or contact our team at