Refer or Manage a Patient

PHINConnect and EpicCare Link: Getting Started


  1. Verify that your computer and browser meet the system requirements.
  2. Download and review the Practice Representative Agreement (PDF).
  3. Download the registration form (XLS).
  4. Fill out all yellow highlighted fields.  All fields must be completed before access will be granted to your practice group.
  5. Each physician and NP/PA must be listed as a member of your practice group even if they do not plan to use this application. To access a patient's medical record, you must have a relationship to the provider. Nurses and other staff in the office will view patient information by selecting a provider.
  6. Each user needs to have a unique email address. There logins are provisioned for individual users and should not be shared. An email address under your clinic’s email domain is preferred.   
  7. Once it's completed, save the spreadsheet to your hard drive.
  8. Attach it to an email and send it to
  9. If you have any questions, email us at

What Will Happen Next

Once your practice representative has submitted the completed registration form and reviewed the Practice Representative Agreement, an email confirmation that the registration form was received will be sent. Please allow 14 days for the registration process to be completed. Once provisioning is completed, a getting started email will be sent to the practice representative.