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Conversations About Autism

An on-demand, self-paced series of conversations for parents and providers of children ages 0 to 21 with autism spectrum disorder.

Class Description

In the Conversations About Autism series, experts from Seattle Children’s Autism Center and community partners share their knowledge and perspectives on autism as well as helpful tips for supporting autistic children, adolescents or young adults.



Class Format

We release recordings of Conversations About Autism on the third Thursday of the month. See below for the latest lineup.

2024 Conversations About Autism Lineup

March: Levels of Support 

A medical diagnosis of autism includes identifying and understanding the level of support an autistic person may need. In this conversation, we will talk about what those levels of support can look like for different autistics.

April: Autistic Voices

April is Autism Acceptance Month and so this conversation will feature a panel of autistic people sharing their lived experiences as well as tips and resources for viewers.

May: Puberty 

Puberty can be a challenging time for an autistic person. This conversation will feature examples of lived experiences and where to go for more support and resources when it comes to puberty.

August: Neurodiversity

In this conversation, we will talk about what neurodiversity means and how neurotypical people can better understand and support people who are neurodivergent.

September: Genetics

In this conversation, experts will overview what genetic testing is. We will also hear first-hand from families and self-advocates who made the decision of if genetic testing was or was not right for them.

October: PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance)

There has been a growing interest in a profile of autism known to some as pathological demand avoidance, persistent demand for autonomy or extreme demand avoidance. This conversation will be about PDA and how to find resources for support.

November: Urgent Care for Mental Health

In this conversation, experts will explore what to do when your child has an urgent mental health concern.

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