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How to Inspire and Engage Guild Members: Top Tips From Guild Presidents

Are you serving in a guild leadership role for the first time? If so, congratulations! As you get started in your new role, you may find it helpful to review the collection of tips below, shared by the presidents of some of the top fundraising guilds. Thank you for your dedication and leadership – it makes a difference!

03.Symphony.TipsMateo Messina (second from left), president of the LUMA Guild, performs at the guild’s 2014 benefit concert. 
03.Costco-Guild-Volunteers-2014Jane Humphries (right) and Friends of Costco Guild members host the annual Children’s Golf Classic. 
03.SOVREN.TipsBlake Green (right), former president of the SOVREN Guild, “in action” at the 2013 Pacific Northwest Historics Vintage Races. 
  • Invest in your guild members. Take the time to get to know them, understand what inspires them and learn why they want to volunteer. Encourage risk-taking and let them know it’s OK to fail. Learn their strengths and foster their vision whenever possible.

    – Mateo Messina, LUMA Guild  
  • Remember that no contribution is too small. Even small amounts of time or money add up to great things for the hospital. And never forget to ask each member if they’re having fun!

    – Blake Greene, SOVREN Guild  
  • Have a table at your fundraising event staffed by members who are most interested in the guild’s cause. It’s a surefire way to turn event attendees into new guild members.

    – Ann Doughty, Star Guild  
  • Make sure everyone’s opinions and ideas are heard and acknowledged. It’s important to consider everyone’s input.

    – Laurie Boehme, Catalina’s Hope Guild  
  • Stay organized as the year progresses. And, most importantly, honor and acknowledge the talents and commitment of your members. They are the reason we are successful.

    – JoAnne Jones, Mercer Island Guild
  • Engage and educate your members by having someone from Seattle Children’s come to a meeting and talk about the amazing things happening – research advances, facility updates or how we’re helping families through the Guild Association’s Funding Focus. Your members will be truly inspired and will better understand why we strive to raise the funds that we do.

    – Jane Humphries, Friends of Costco Guild
  • Reach out to your members in your event’s off-season so that you maintain a connection throughout the year. Read a patient’s story at the start of each meeting, and begin and end each meeting with “Thank you for being involved.” Make sure that all members have a chance to contribute during meetings – and ask for feedback from everyone. 

    – Aileen Kelly, Swim for Children’s, Run for Children’s and Bloom for Children’s guilds
  • Remind members that events and donations don’t have to be large at the start. By working together, great things will come and small successes will grow into larger successes. Remind your members that every dollar they bring in today is one dollar Seattle Children’s didn’t have yesterday.

    – Andrea Stiles, Project Grace Guild