Fundraising Resources

How to Get Sponsorships

Putting Together a Sponsorship Package

Sponsorships help grow your event's revenue and reduce expenses. Before approaching businesses for sponsorships, plan a strategy that will help get the most out of your request. 

Before reaching out to potential sponsors, you must first:

  • Make a list of businesses that might benefit from exposure at your event. Include businesses with which your guild members have a personal connection.
  • Vet the list of potential sponsors with us. Many generous businesses may already be supporting Seattle Children's in other ways. We want to avoid burdening our partners with multiple requests. Email your list to us.

After your list is approved, personalize the sponsorship package to appeal to each potential sponsor.

We’ve provided outlines below of what your sponsorship package should include – a cover letter and a sponsorship proposal. Customize them for your guild and event. For example, you may want to add photographs or guest quotes from last year's event.

Cover Letter Outline for Sponsorships


Describe the nature of your event and its history in one or two paragraphs. Include a description of your guild, its mission and a brief history.

Mention anything special about your event or guild that may appeal to a potential sponsor, such as your audience has doubled in the last two years or other accomplishments.

Your fundraising goal

Describe the financial goal of your event and how the proceeds will be used.

Fundraising components

How can the sponsor contribute to your event? Consider items in addition to funds that would benefit your event. Are you in need of items for a live or silent auction? Would the sponsor be able to provide in-kind donations?

Emphasize how these components would ensure the success of your event. You might find a sponsor is unable to make a cash contribution but is willing to donate auction items. 

Sponsorship Proposal Outline

Sponsorship levels

In a short paragraph, describe why a company would want to be a sponsor of your event. Then identify sponsorship levels and the benefits associated with each. For example:

Platinum Sponsor

Price for Platinum Sponsorship: $2,500

  • Recognition on the event's website and a link to the company's website
  • Mention in all press releases and event promotional materials
  • Recognition in the event program
  • 10 tickets to the event, preferred seating and special treatment throughout the evening.

Be creative with the levels of sponsorship and their benefits, and tailor them to your guild. For example, if your guild hosts a dinner dance, consider naming sponsorship levels after different styles of dance.

Please note: If you assign a direct cash value to a sponsorship benefit, such as event tickets, you must deduct the value of goods and services received from the sponsor's tax-deductible donation. For example, if a sponsor paid $2,500 for sponsorship and received five event tickets valued at $100 each, the tax-deductible donation is $2,000. This amount should be on the sponsor's receipt for tax purposes.


Describe your event's audience. Mention average age, income or gender of your attendees, and if this fits with your prospective sponsor's target audience.

Frequently asked questions

Answer possible questions about your guild, your event or sponsorship benefits.

About Seattle Children's

Include recent information and statistics about the hospital. Contact us for approved messaging and up-to-date facts.

Guild contact information

Add the contact information of your guild's president or event chair. Don't forget to mention your guild's website if you have one.