Flex Your Sponsor Power

As you prepare for your next event, consider how sponsorships can widen your community of supporters, improve event exposure and increase revenue. Sponsorship is when a business makes a cash or service contribution in exchange for promotional opportunities. Follow these steps before approaching businesses for sponsorships:

  1. At your next guild meeting, brainstorm a list of businesses that would benefit from exposure at your event. Prioritize those with whom guild members have a personal connection.
  2. Before you reach out to potential sponsors, it’s very important to vet your list with the Guild Association so we can check alignment with our long-term partnership strategies and avoid repeat requests.
  3. After your list is approved, create a selection of sponsor packages and decide which one to pitch to each sponsor. Let us know if you need help creating your packages!

Sponsorship Request Cover Letter Outline

  • Introduction: Briefly describe your event and its history. Include your guild mission and history.
  • Sponsor benefits: Mention anything special about your event that may appeal to a potential sponsor – for example, that event attendance has doubled in the last two years or that many event attendees live in the business area.
  • Fundraising goal: Provide a dollar amount and specifically what the funds support (uncompensated care, heart center, etc.)
  • Make it fun: Customize the letter with prior event photographs, guest quotes or other motivating details.

Sample Corporate Sponsorship Proposal

In a short paragraph, describe why a company would want to sponsor your event. For example:

As a guild event sponsor, you join an impressive group of regional donors that support Seattle Children’s mission to provide care for all children.

Identify sponsorship levels and the benefits associated with each. Be creative and tailor them to your guild. If your guild hosts a dance, consider naming sponsorship levels for styles of dance:

Tango Sponsor: $2,500

  • ABC Company will be prominently recognized as a top Tango Sponsor on our event website, including a link to your website, and will be listed first in the event program.
  • ABC Company will be mentioned in all press releases and event promotional materials.
  • ABC Company will be honored with VIP treatment at our event and will receive 10 tickets and preferred seating.

Other Elements to Include

  • Demographics: Describe your event audience if you see benefits to prospective sponsors, such as a fit with target age or geographic area.
  • FAQs: Answer common questions about your guild, event or sponsorship benefits.
  • About Seattle Children’s: Contact the Guild Association for current facts and information about hospital areas or It Starts with Yes: The Campaign for Seattle Children’s.
  • For more info: Include contact information for your guild president or event chair; list the guild/event website.

This article relates to cash donations only; we will cover procurement (in-kind donations) in the next issue.