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Introducing Classy: Help Us Help You to Maximize Your Fundraising Efforts

Classy fundraising software is a new, easy, trustworthy online tool available to all guilds free of charge. Classy provides a simple way for your donors to make direct gifts online in support of your guild’s mission.

Here’s how it works: You provide the details about your guild’s fundraising needs to a Guild Association staff member and they will help you determine the best Classy page format. From there, we can help you create a customized donation page, event registration page or peer-to-peer pages.

Tips for Success example Donation Page - A Brighter Future Guild

Donation Page
A simple way to maximize your guild’s fundraising efforts is through a Classy donation page that serves as a trusted way for donors to make a gift to your guild online. Perks of a direct donation page:

  • You can customize the page with a unique URL and “About the Guild” section.
  • Gifts come directly to Seattle Children’s Guild Association, are credited to your guild and directed to the area your guild supports. We provide a tax receipt, eliminating that burden on your treasurer!
  • Regular reports are sent to you, including donor information and amounts raised.

 Registration Page
Classy also offers a way to make event registration pages that enable you to:

  • Collect guest information.
  • Manage ticket sales (with no limit to number of tickets sold).
  • Make tickets free of charge if you would like to use this option as an RSVP tool.
  • Choose whether your guild or the guest pays the credit card transaction fee.
  • Give guests the opportunity to make a direct donation to your event.

Guild Association staff are available to talk you through the options and help create your custom page.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages
This is a way to expand your community by allowing supporters to become more personally involved in your event. With peer-to-peer pages, supporters create their own donation pages that enable them to:

  • Create and send a personalized fundraising page link.
  • Share their unique story with friends and family who can then make online donations to your guild event through their personalized page.
  • All donations are tracked as with the direct donation page above.

To learn more or talk to a guild manager about how to set up your guild’s Classy page, contact us at 206-987-6928 or email us.

Kent Guild Puts Classy to the Test

Kent Guild When COVID-19 forced the Kent Guild to cancel its annual in-person spring fashion show, guild members weren’t sure how to move forward.

“We brainstormed about how to do something virtually, but we didn’t have a website and had no way of managing online credit card payments,” says Debby Hartsock, the guild’s former president. “When our Guild Association staff liaison, Melissa Cardenas, told us that Classy had just launched and explained how it worked, it was the answer to our problems.”

Hartsock and fellow guild officers decided to host a mail campaign — sending emails and letters to all prior event attendees featuring the link to their Classy donation page. It was the perfect fundraiser solution, also serving to keep the guild in touch with donors who were motivated to give during a very tough year. Hartsock appreciated Classy’s online payment system, that there was no cost to the guild, the prompt reporting and the user-friendly interface. She also liked the automated receipt and thank-you email, which her guild tailored with photos of patients and guild members.

The fundraising push was a huge success, topping the total raised at their prior spring event.

“The bottom line is that without Classy, we wouldn’t have had a virtual fundraiser, and that’s $14,000 that would not have gone to Seattle Children’s,” Hartsock says.