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Use Social Media to Network and Promote Events for Free

Social Media postSocial media is a free marketing tool. You can use it to create a meaningful online presence for your guild – increasing awareness about events, strengthening membership and supporting areas of fundraising interest. Social media refers to websites and apps where people share photos and information with friends and those with shared interests. Many guilds use a Facebook page as their website and main guild communication tool. Instagram and Twitter are also popular social media sites. Here are some ways social media can work for your guild.

Always Co-Brand with Seattle Children’s

We monitor social media content tagged with our handle (@SCGuilds), as well as with #seattlechildrens, #seattlechildrenshospital, #scguilds and #SCYesToKids (the hashtag, or #, makes it easy to search for themed content). Including these tags makes it likely we'll see your posts and respond to them.

We have accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Make Us Your “Co-Host”

Use Facebook to promote your fundraiser by creating an event and adding us as co-hosts by typing “Seattle Children’s Guild Association” and “Seattle Children’s” into the co-host box. This will alert guild managers to share the event on the Guild Association Facebook page, which widens your reach by 1,800 followers! When you add us as a co-host, your event is automatically added to our online events calendar. An event is also easy to share on your personal Facebook page, where you can invite your friends to attend.

Tag Event Sponsors

Give a shout-out to event sponsors by tagging them in posts about your event. When a company is tagged, they receive a notification and they may even choose to repost your post, further extending your reach. For example, to whet bidders’ appetites for your best auction item, you might post a photo on Instagram of a vineyard for a Walla Walla Wine Tour with this caption: Sip the latest reds on this all-inclusive tasting-room tour @wallawallatourco.

Make It a “Don’t-Miss” Event

Use social media to build interest in your event with teaser posts. Starting a few weeks before your fundraiser, begin to increase the number of posts to your social media sites. Here are a few ideas for what to post:

  • Preview auction or raffle items to pique interest in big-ticket items.
  • Post a photo of the patient family speaking at your event. (Be sure to first ask for their permission.)
  • Showcase the emcee and other talent (remember to tag them).
  • Share a Seattle Children’s On The Pulse blog post that relates to your fundraising focus (e.g., an immunotherapy story for a Strong Against Cancer event).
  • Repost a fun photo from a prior event: “Remember how late we danced last year? See you on the dance floor!”
  • Post Seattle Children’s mission to remind everyone why we do what we do!

Be a Follower

For social media to work for your guild, you must like and follow other people's pages – this is how the information reach grows. Start by liking and following the Guild Association and then look at the list of followers on the Guild Association page; like the guilds listed there and they are likely to like you right back.

Social Media Best Practices

For a comprehensive overview of Guild Association social media recommendations and instructions for how to use different platforms (including a useful glossary), see our newly updated Social Media Best Practices for Guilds (PDF). If you need any social media-related help, email Emily Downing or call her at 206-987-6833.