Event Planning Resources

New and Improved Tools for Credit-Card Processing and Event Services

Hansje GuildWith the onset of new banking regulations designed to guard against fraud, Seattle Children’s Guild Association has partnered with first-rate companies that offer a range of tools for managing guest credit-card payments and other event services. We’ve done the legwork for you in finding the best vendors available, and have negotiated reduced fees for our guilds’ events. Working with these designated vendors will also help combat fraud to protect our guilds and supporters.

Guilds with long-standing relationships with vendors not listed here are welcome to continue using them. We recommend that you reach out to your chosen vendor at the beginning of the event-planning process, to ensure that you have plenty of time to adopt the necessary processes or learn new software.

All vendor service fees will be part of your event budget going forward. Fees vary, based on services and types of credit cards.

Questions about which vendor can best meet your needs? Call the Guild Association at 206-987-2153, or Megen Strand at 206-987-4823. We want to thank you for your cooperation during this change – we understand there will be a learning curve, and we’re here to help smooth the way.

Seattle Children’s Guild Association Event Vendor Choices

  • For online credit-card registrations, we recommend Brown Paper TicketsEventbrite or Get Me Registered.
  • For day-of-event credit-card registrations or donations, we suggest CardConnect. They provide tools for point-of-sale purchases and day-of-event registrations, and secure ways to hold guests’ credit-card information until you’re ready to process the charges.
  • For an auction with many planning details, our preferences are MaestroSoft or Greater Giving. You can order services à la carte from either of these two vendors. Their auction software covers:
    • Online registration (including day-of-event registrations and charges)
    • Procurement forms, programs and bid sheets
    • Donated items list management
    • Online bidding and text-to-bid
    • An auction-planning website that can be accessed by several guild members at once from any computer or tablet
    • An extensive support network, including night-of-event personnel