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Best Reporting Guidelines for Treasurers

Jim JaquishAttention all guild treasurers – this one’s for you! We asked Jim Jaquish (pictured at left), treasurer of the Guild Association Board of Trustees and founder of the Jaquish Dukelow Memorial Cancer Research Guild, how to get the most traction from your guild’s fundraising efforts. Following these guidelines will help us be better stewards of every dollar you raise.

Q: When do guilds need to send in event revenue? 

A: We ask guild treasurers to send event revenue and donor information to the Guild Association within 90 days of an event. This gives guilds time to collect donor payments and pay event bills.

Q: What donor information do guilds need to collect and report?

A: Thanks for asking this! We need the gift amount, name, address and email address of each donor.

Q: What is the preferred format for the treasurer’s report?

A: Ideally an Excel spreadsheet sent via email, so we can easily add your information to the donor database. This makes your fundraising dollars go further by eliminating staff time to reformat information.

Q: Why is timely electronic reporting so important?

A: The faster we receive your report, the sooner we can process matching funds and recognize donors at the appropriate giving level (and add them to corresponding giving groups such as Seattle Children’s Circle of Care). Also, it helps us connect with new donors soon after an event to respectfully steward a relationship that we hope will be a long-lasting one. Timely reporting also allows our accountant time to determine if your guild needs to file paperwork with the IRS, and, if so, assist you in this effort.

Q: Where can treasurers go if they have questions?

A: The Guild Association is here to help. You may contact us directly at 206-987-2153. We also have our Resource Guide online. (Call us if you prefer a printed copy.)

Q: Do you have anything else to add?

A: I’m a guild member myself, and I know how challenging it can be to complete financials after an event. During initial planning, I schedule time on my calendar to complete financial reports, so this crucial step doesn’t get forgotten. I also find that if I finish reports in the days immediately following an event it’s easier to get questions answered while it is still fresh in people’s minds.

We really appreciate your extra effort in making this a priority – thank you!

Pink Bandanas“We say yes to Seattle Children’s to honor our friend Sarah Mary Hughes and to keep her memory alive. Our hope is that other children with brain tumors won’t have to go through what she did. It has been amazing to see the advances in brain cancer research since we started our guild six years ago. We are proud to play a small part in making this possible.”

– Megan (left) and Erin Skrobut, Pink Bandanas Junior Guild