Rebecca Anne Stark, MD

Rebecca Anne Stark, MD

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Program, General Surgery, Fertility Preservation Program, Fetal Care and Treatment Center, Hernia Program

On staff since December 2018

Children's Title: Co-Director, Maternal Fetal Intervention and Surgery Program

Research Center: Center for Clinical and Translational Research

  • Biography


    Rebecca Stark, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a board certified pediatric surgeon in the Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery at Seattle Children’s Hospital and an Assistant Professor of Surgery at UW.  She is the Director of the Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Program and Surgical Co-director of the ECMO Program at SCH.


    Dr. Stark specializes in the care of babies and children with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernias (CDH). She started the CDH program at SCH, which brings together experts from many disciplines to care for the complex set of health issues associated with this congenital defect. This team ensures quality care across all stages (prenatal, inpatient/hospitalization and long term follow up care).  Dr. Stark strongly believes that CDH patients and their families receive the highest quality care when they are treated by a team with expertise, and she is proud to be part of this team.  For her, the most rewarding part about her job is getting to follow her patients long term and seeing them thrive as toddlers, kids and young adults. 


    Dr. Stark also specializes in pediatric surgical oncology and is part of the complex tumor team at SCH.  She participates on national cancer committees such as COG and PSORC which aim to improve care for these patients.


    Dr. Stark is the site PI for the CDH Study Group which is an international, multi-institutional consortium of children’s hospitals that collaborate to improve care for these patients through shared research.  Her current research focuses on novel therapies and improving outcomes for patients with CDH.


    Personal Interests


    Dr. Stark enjoys spending time hiking, camping, and travelling with her family. She especially enjoys playing, reading, and observing the natural world with her son, who has developed a recent interest in dinosaurs and Roald Dahl.  


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    Book Chapters

    • Galganski LA, Stark RA.
      Extragonadal Germ Cell Tumors Chapter
      Pediatric Surgery NaT., 2018 May

    Published Books, Videos, Software, etc.

    • Stark, R.
      Eblast Literature Review for APSA Cancer Committee, 2018 April

    Published Abstracts

    • Anderson JA, Cheng Y, Stephenson J, Saadai P, Stark RA
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    Other Publications

    • Galganski L, Lee C, Pivetti C, Lansford L, Stark RA.,
      Myogenic progenitor cells seeded on extracellular matrix demonstrate engraftment in a rodent model of congenital diaphragmatic hernia.
      American Academy of Pediatrics national meeting poster presentation, 2018


Board Certification(s)

Surgery (General Surgery)
Pediatric Surgery

Medical/Professional School

St. George's University School of Medicine, West Indies


Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle, WA