Nassr Nama, MD, MSc

Nassr  Nama, MD, MSc

Hospital Medicine

On staff since April 2023

Children's Title: Attending Physician

Academic Title: Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

Research Center: Center for Clinical and Translational Research

  • Other Publications

    • Fernandez Elviro C, Longcroft-Harris B, Allin E, Leache L, Woo K, Bone JN, Pawliuk C, Tarabishi J, Carwana M, Wright M, Nama N, InsightScope Team
      Conservative and Surgical Modalities in the Management of Pediatric Parapneumonic Effusion and Empyema: A Living Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis.
      37463660 Chest, 2023 Jun 17
    • Nama N, DeLaroche AM, Gremse DA
      Brief Resolved Unexplained Event (BRUE): Is Reassurance Enough for Caregivers?
      36336648 Hospital pediatrics, 2022 Dec 1 : 12(12)e440-e442
    • Nama N, Hosseini P, Lee Z, Picco K, Bone JN, Foulds JL, Gagnon JA, Sehgal A, Quet J, Drouin O, Luu TM, Vomiero G, Kanani R, Holland J, Goldman RD, Kang KT, Mahant S, Jin F, Tieder JS, Gill PJ, Canadian Paediatric Inpatient Research Network (PIRN)
      Canadian infants presenting with Brief Resolved Unexplained Events (BRUEs) and validation of clinical prediction rules for risk stratification: a protocol for a multicentre, retrospective cohort study.
      36283756 BMJ open, 2022 Oct 25 : 12(10)e063183 PMCID:PMC9608523
    • Nama N, Hall M, Neuman M, Sullivan E, Bochner R, De Laroche A, Hadvani T, Jain S, Katsogridakis Y, Kim E, Mittal M, Payson A, Prusakowski M, Shastri N, Stephans A, Westphal K, Wilkins V, Tieder J, Brief Resolved Unexplained Event Research and Quality Improvement Network
      Risk Prediction After a Brief Resolved Unexplained Event.
      35965279 Hospital pediatrics, 2022 Sep 1 : 12(9)772-785
    • Nama N, Donken R, Pawliuk C, Leache L, Sadarangani M, Carwana M, INSIGHTSCOPE TEAM
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    • O'Hearn K, MacDonald C, Tsampalieros A, Kadota L, Sandarage R, Jayawarden SK, Datko M, Reynolds JM, Bui T, Sultan S, Sampson M, Pratt M, Barrowman N, Nama N, Page M, McNally JD
      Evaluating the relationship between citation set size, team size and screening methods used in systematic reviews: a cross-sectional study.
      34238247 BMC medical research methodology, 2021 Jul 8 : 21(1)142 PMCID:PMC8264476
    • Nama N, Hennawy M, Barrowman N, O'Hearn K, Sampson M, McNally JD
      Successful incorporation of single reviewer assessments during systematic review screening: development and validation of sensitivity and work-saved of an algorithm that considers exclusion criteria and count.
      33820560 Systematic reviews, 2021 Apr 5 : 10(1)98 PMCID:PMC8020619
    • Allin E, Nama N, Irvine MA, Pawliuk C, Wright M, Carwana M
      Conservative and surgical modalities in the management of paediatric parapneumonic effusion and empyema: a protocol for a living systematic review and network meta-analysis.
      33762243 BMJ open, 2021 Mar 24 : 11(3)e045010 PMCID:PMC7993311
    • Sampson M, Nama N, O'Hearn K, Murto K, Nasr A, Katz SL, Macartney G, Momoli F, McNally JD
      Creating enriched training sets of eligible studies for large systematic reviews: the utility of PubMed's Best Match algorithm.
      33336640 International journal of technology assessment in health care, 2020 Dec 18 : 37e7
    • Ashkanase J, Nama N, Sandarage RV, Penslar J, Gupta R, Ly S, Wan M, Tsang P, Nantsios A, Jacques E, Yang HY, Tsang CI, Mazhar H, Xu G, Rodriguez M, Gerber S, Laird LM, Sampson M, Wong DT, McNally JD
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      32330435 The Canadian journal of cardiology, 2020 Nov. : 36(11)1795-1804
    • Nama N, Barrowman N, O'Hearn K, Sampson M, Zemek R, McNally JD
      Quality control for crowdsourcing citation screening: the importance of assessment number and qualification set size.
      32142884 Journal of clinical epidemiology, 2020 June : 122160-162
    • Nama N, Barker MK, Kwan C, Sabarre C, Solimano V, Rankin A, Raabe J, Ross CJ, Carleton B, Zwicker JG, Rassekh SR
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      Crowdsourcing the Citation Screening Process for Systematic Reviews: Validation Study.
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    • Montpas N, St-Onge G, Nama N, Rhainds D, Benredjem B, Girard M, Hickson G, Pons V, Heveker N
      Ligand-specific conformational transitions and intracellular transport are required for atypical chemokine receptor 3-mediated chemokine scavenging.
      29180449 The Journal of biological chemistry, 2018 Jan 19 : 293(3)893-905 PMCID:PMC5777261
    • McNally JD, Nama N, O'Hearn K, Sampson M, Amrein K, Iliriani K, McIntyre L, Fergusson D, Menon K
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    • Nama N, MacPherson P, Sampson M, McMillan HJ
      Medical students' perception of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) discrimination in their learning environment and their self-reported comfort level for caring for LGBT patients: a survey study.
      28853327 Medical education online, 2017 : 22(1)1368850 PMCID:PMC5653936
    • Nama N, Iliriani K, Xia MY, Chen BP, Zhou LL, Pojsupap S, Kappel C, O'Hearn K, Sampson M, Menon K, McNally JD
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      26966655 PeerJ, 2016 : 4e1701 PMCID:PMC4782742


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University of Montreal, Montreal, QC
University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, Ottawa, Ontario, ON


British Columbia Children's Hospital-GME, Vancouver, BC