Mollie Greves Grow, MD, MPH

Mollie Greves Grow,  MD,  MPH

General Pediatrics

Academic Title: Associate Professor

"Every time I interact with a family in the clinic or hospital, I feel that I’m part of something sacred. Clinically, I love seeing children get well — if not healed completely, then at least leaving the hospital healthier and happier. I love the first time I see a child’s smile come back. In my research work, I help guide a program for overweight youth and their families. In focus groups, I talk to parents of children who are finishing the program, and it is so gratifying to hear from them how the program has made a difference in their child’s life."

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    • Grow HM, Cook AJ, Arterburn DE, Saelens BE, Drewnowski A, Lozano P
      Child obesity associated with social disadvantage of children's neighborhoods.
      20541306 Social science & medicine (1982), 2010 Aug. : 584-91