Maida Lynn Chen, MD

Maida Lynn Chen, MD

Pulmonary, Sleep Medicine

On staff since August 2005

Children's Title: Director, Pediatric Sleep Disorders Center

Academic Title: Professor of Pediatrics, Adjunct Professor of Oral Health Sciences

Research Center: Center for Respiratory Biology and Therapeutics

  • Biography

    Maida Lynn Chen, MD, is the medical director of the Pediatric Sleep Center, attending physician at Seattle Childrens Hospital, and a professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine. She earned her MD at Northwestern University and completed a pediatrics residency at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center. She completed her pediatric pulmonary fellowship at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, with special focus on respiratory control and sleep medicine.

    Her clinical interests center on sleep disorders in infants, children and adolescents. Her research interests focus on respiratory control disorders and sleep-disordered breathing in special-needs populations, including those with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, obesity, and craniofacial anomalies. She is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Thoracic Society, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and Sleep Research Society.

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  • Awards and Honors

    Award Name Award Description Awarded By Award Date
    SEATTLE TOP DOCTOR - 2022 Seattle Magazine 2022
    Seattles Top Doctor 2016 Seattle Met Magazine 2016
    SEATTLE'S TOP DOCTOR - 2016 Seattle Magazine 2016
    SEATTLE'S TOP DOCTOR - 2015 Seattle Met Magazine 2015
    SEATTLE MAGAZINE TOP DOCTOR - 2015 Seattle Magazine 2015
    SEATTLE MAGAZINE TOP DOCTOR - 2014 Seattle Magazine 2014
    Seattle Magazine Top Doctor - 2012 Seattle Magazine Top Doctor - 2012 Seattle Magazine 2012
    U.S. News Top Doctor U.S. News and World Report 2012
  • Publications

    Book Chapters

    • Narang I, Chen ML
      Complex sleep and hypoventilation disorders in children
      In Kendig’s Disorders of the Respiratory Tract in Children. 10th edition, 2023
    • Chen ML, Garrison M
      Technology and Sleep
      Hoopes and Moreno, eds. Technology and Adolescent Health: in schools and beyond. , 2020

    Other Publications

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  • Presentations

    Presentation Title Event Location Date
    AAP Symposium AAP NCE Washington DC Oct. 2023
    CCHS: What every (adult) sleep specialist needs to know Associated Professional Sleep Societies International Conference, Meet the Professors Session Indianapolis, IN June 2023
    Updates on Infant Sleep Guest Lecture, Barnard Center for Infant Development Virtual March 2023
    Updates on Pediatric Sleep Practical Pediatrics Seattle, WA Jan. 2023
    Common Pediatric Sleep Disorders Practical Pediatrics Seattle, WA Jan. 2023
    Ventilatory Modalities in CCHS Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome Network International Conference Virtual Sept. 2022
    General Ambulatory Management Strategies in CCHS Associated Professional Sleep Societies International Conference Charlotte, NC June 2022
    Sleep and Resiliency Seattle Children’s Nursing Resiliency Conference Seattle, WA May 2022
    Pediatric Insomnia Across the Ages North Pacific Pediatric Society Scientific Conference Leavenworth, WA Oct. 2021
    Pediatric Sleep Disorders Seattle Children’s Outreach CME Conference Seattle, WA Sept. 2021
    Improving Faculty Sleep Habits Neonatology Regional Faculty Education Conference Seattle, WA Aug. 2021
    Neonatal Sleep Studies Neonatology Regional Faculty Education Conference Seattle, WA July 2021
    Sleep and Burnout Seattle Children’s Nursing Resiliency Conference Seattle, WA May 2021
    Establishing a Pediatric Sleep Program: Training and Teaching Issues International Pediatric Sleep Association Virtual Feb. 2021
    Adolescent Sleep: Challenges and Opportunities Common Issues in Adolescent Medicine for Primary Care Providers Conference Seattle, WA Jan. 2021
    Adolescent Sleep Problems University of Washington School of Nursing Ambulatory Care Conference Seattle, WA April 2020
    Infant Polysomnography American Thoracic Society Journal Club Virtual March 2020
    Pediatric Sleep Laboratories and COVID-19 Pandemic American Thoracic Society Podcast Virtual 2020
    Pediatric Sleep Medicine during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond: Training and Teaching International Pediatric Sleep Association Congress Virtual Feb. 2020


Board Certification(s)

Sleep Medicine
Pediatric Pulmonology

Medical/Professional School

Northwestern University, Chicago, IL


Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center-Chicag, Chicago, IL


Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Clinical Interests

Research Description

I believe that getting regular, refreshing sleep is a key element of a child reaching their maximal developmental potential. Thus, my research focuses on sleep disorders in children with special needs, particularly those with prenatal alcohol exposure, craniofacial abnormalities, and obesity. I hope to help develop better diagnostic methods and ultimately better treatment for their sleep disorders, which cause a great deal of stress and disruption in their lives. I also have research interests in disorders of central respiratory control, such as children with congentital central hypoventilation syndrome.

Research Focus Area

Chronic Conditions / Special Health Care Needs, Neuroscience / Neurodevelopment