Kimberly J Riehle, MD

"The most satisfying part of my job is helping patients and families through difficult situations, whether it be a complex congenital problem, abdominal tumor, or outpatient surgery. As a mom, I understand that even simple operations are a big deal when they happen to your child, and appreciate the uniqueness of each patient and family in my care. I take great pride in getting kids back to healthy life. My research interests include developing a cure for liver cancers that occur in otherwise healthy children, and improving prenatal diagnosis and treatment for families whose babies will require surgical care after birth."

  • Kimberly Riehle, MD, is an attending surgeon at Seattle Children's Hospital. She was born in Jefferson, Iowa and went to high school in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Both of her parents were teachers. She attended Washington University in St. Louis, double majoring in Chemistry and French. She received her medical degree from Emory University School of Medicine, followed by surgical training at the University of Washington affiliated hospitals and Boston Children's Hospital. Her clinical interests include helping families in difficult situations, including caring for babies with congenital anomalies and patients with cancer. Her son Jonah was born in 2004, and her husband is an adult thoracic surgeon.

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    • Monisha Bellevue, WA 08.09.23

      Dr. Riehle is truly an expert surgeon who has the courage and skill to take on complex, high-risk surgeries, as well as the judgment and experience to manage unexpected complications. She debulked a large tumor I had in my lungs that was about to close off my airway. This complex surgery took a great deal of upfront planning and coordination across multiple teams as the state of my airway meant that I would need to be intubated while awake and also have an ECMO machine on standby in the room. In addition to working with other teams, Dr. Riehle also spoke to me and my parents multiple times at length to answer all of our questions in detail. She even came to see me in the hospital on a holiday to discuss the surgery as it needed to be done urgently. The surgery itself turned out to be even more complex than anticipated, as my tumor bled extensively. But thanks to Dr. Riehle’s skill and extensive planning, she still got me through it without issue. I recovered faster than expected and was healthy enough to move on to other cancer treatments less than two months later. Dr. Riehle is an incredibly skilled and dedicated surgeon who has the willingness to take on very difficult surgeries for patients with no other options. I would not be here without her.

    • Sarah Bremerton, WA 07.11.23

      My daughter was born unexpectedly early at 28 weeks. From the start, she has been a complex case. Shortly after arriving at Seattle Children's, it became obvious that she would need surgery. The amount of fear we had surrounding our 3lb daughter was immense, but Dr. Riehle's calm and kind demeanor, as well as her expertise helped us to feel confident that this was the right choice. Sadie ended up needing three more surgeries and we are so grateful that Dr. Riehle was able to be our surgeon. We could have had the last procedure done at our local hospital, but chose to come back to Seattle for Dr. Riehle. We are forever grateful for Dr. Riehle and her expertise.

    • Ann Mercer Island 09.07.20

      There is nothing more daunting and scary that watching your child in so much pain then being told that he would need emergency surgery. Thankfully, Dr. Riehle was the surgeon who caught the case and performed our son's Intussusception & appendectomy. To a parent, any emergent surgery is tantamount to a horrific event. Though we have since learned that both these are relatively routine, it was nonetheless Dr. Riehle calm, kind demeanor and followup that made a tremendous difference. Doctors are often perceived as lacking a "bedside manner" and busy surgeons are perhaps the biggest examples of that badge but Dr Riehle is the antithesis of that. Despite her years of experience and impressive medical resume, she treats every patient as if they were her singular focus and has the ability to put both parent and child at ease with her easygoing & affable demeanor. She took the time to explain post op procedures and was tremendously patient in answering all questions. As our son was subsequently hospitalized for several weeks, she came by to his room to do his followup in an effort to save us another trip back into the hospital. As Children's is a teaching hospital, Attendings such as Dr. Riehle will go a long way in shaping the future Residents/Fellows into becoming the great doctors that fuel Children's to continue to be one of the top Pediatric Institutions in the US.

    • Alyssa Oak Harbor 03.21.19

      Dr. Riehle has been a God send. She's always greeted my family with a smile, talked to us in layman's terms so we could understand, and has always made sure to stop by and check on our daughter even if her hospital stay wasn't for a surgical procedure. Dr. Riehle operated on my daughter at least 5 times within a year and has been one of the greatest blessings to us. We're forever grateful for the care our daughter has received at Seattle Children's and will never forget our favorite surgeon. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

    • Zulema Kennewick,WA 02.19.19

      Dr.Riehle was an absolute amazing doctor! From the 1st visit while pregnant with my daughter, who was going to be born with a defect called Gastroschisis, to follow up appointments after we went home. I went from being extremely afraid of something I had never even heard of, to feeling and believe her reassurance that everything would be ok. It would be a process but we'd do great. She most defiantly delivered way beyond my expectations. Even the scarring on my daughter is very minimal. Over our 2 1/2 year course of pregnancy threw discharge and follow ups she's been a blessing. Words can NEVER express how grateful I am for what she has done for us. My daughter is now an almost 4yr old, very health and full of personality. THANK YOU!!!!

    • Maribeth Bethel, Alaska 10.28.16

      Kimbery is a very gifted and friendly doctor! She performed surgery on my 4 day old son,with professional opinions from chief surgeons, repairing my sons special type of CDH. She even came to talk to me before my son was born at UW to talk to me about my sons birth plan and his operation. She is very thorough and professional. Kimberly makes you feel comfortable from the second that you meet her, as though she is a friend you've known your whole life. Many thanks and blessings!

    • Alexis Kenmore, WA 08.28.15

      Dr. Riehle performed a hernia repair on my 6-year-old. She was incredibly kind, attentive and caring. She spoke directly to my daughter during appointments and also made me feel as comfortable as I possibly could be with a planned surgical procedure. We had three separate appointments including the day of surgery, and each time I felt that we were her top priority for the day. Dr. Riehle is smart, driven, energetic and compassionate. She has a special gift with children. Her patients are in excellent hands.

    • Carol Seattle 03.31.15

      Exceptional Surgeon With equal amounts of skill and compassion, Dr. Riehle transformed a scared, miserable emergency appendectomy patient back to my smiling 8 year-old son. She did this by covering his surgical incision with a specially cut star bandageat 3 am after a very busy Friday night in the ER. I heard there were 5 other appendectomy cases that evening, but I feel our experience would not be the same if Dr. Riehle had not given my son such personalized care and attention. My son looks back at his first ever hospital visit/stay and only remembers the cute bandage, eating popsicles and the wonderful staff that helped him heal. Many thanks!

    • Tina West Richland, WA 03.05.11

      Dr. Riehle performed surgery on my 16 year old son for his Chrons disease. She removed part of his small and large intestine plus his appendix. She was very personal and professional both before and after the surgery, always keeping us informed and explaining every detail very clearly. I felt she truly wanted what was best for my son and my son trusted her completely. I highly recommend her and feel very secure with her as a doctor.

  • Award Name Award Description Awarded By Award Date
    Seattle Met Magazine "Top Doctor" 2023 - 2023
    Seattle Met Magazine "Top Doctor" 2022
    Seattle Met Magazine "Top Doctor" 2021
    Seattle Met Magazine “Top Doctor” 2020
    Seattle Met Magazine “Top Doctor” 2019
    Seattle Met Magazine “Top Doctor” 2018
    St. Baldrick’s Foundation Research Award July 2018
    Seattle Met Magazine "Top Doctor" Seattle Met Magazine 2017
    New Investigator Award Fred Hutchinson Cancer Consortium Dec. 2014
    American Surgical Association Foundation Fellowship Recipient American Surgical Association July 2013
    American College of Surgeons Louis C. Argenta Award Recipient American College of Surgeons July 2012
    Sydney Farber House Staff Award Children's Hospital Boston June 2010
    David Tapper Resident Teaching Award University of Washington, Department of Surgery, Seattle WA June 2008
    American College of Surgeons Forum on Fundamental Surgical Problems Resident/Fellow Excellence in Research Award American College of Surgeons Oct. 2006
    First Prize, Schilling Resident Research Symposium Department of Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA Jan. 2006
    June 2004-July 2006: National Institutes of Health Loan Repayment Program Awardee in Pediatric Research National Institutes of Health June 2004 - July 2006
    Schilling Foundation Resident Research Scholarship University of Washington June 2004 - July 2006
    American College of Surgeons Resident Research Scholarship American College of Surgeons June 2004 - July 2006
    Gate Pharmaceutical Outstanding Student Award (Faculty Award for top student, medical school class) Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA May 2001
    Magna cum laude Emory University, Atlanta, GA May 2001
    Alpha Omega Alpha Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA Aug. 2000
    Solvay Pharmaceuticals Project Fund recipient Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA June 1998
    James L. Campbell Scholar in Medicine Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA Aug. 1997 - May 2001
    Summa cum laude Washington University, St. Louis, MO Dec. 1996
    Phi Beta Kappa Washington University, St. Louis, MO Dec. 1996
  • Manuscripts in Refereed Journals

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  • Grant Title Grantor Amount Award Date
    Therapeutic Innovations in l-HCC Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation Aug 1, 2017 - Jul 30, 2019
    Neurotensin in Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute $225,000 Jul 1, 2016
    University of Washington Royalty Research Fund University of Washington $40,000 March 2016
    Fred Hutchinson/University of Washington Cancer Consortium New Investigator Award Fred Hutchinson/University of Washington Cancer Consortium $95,495.00 Dec. 2014
    Improving Regeneration in the Fibrotic Liver American Surgical Association Foundation Fellowship $75,000/year July 2013 - June 2015
    University of Washington Department of Surgery Research Reinvestment Fund University of Washington, Department of Surgery $50,000.00 Nov. 2012
    Improving Regeneration in the Fibrotic Liver American College of Surgeons Louis C. Argenta Fellowship $40,000.00/year July 2012 - June 2013
    Liver Regeneration 50,000.00 one time private gift from Dr. Ann Delancey 2012
    Mechanisms of Liver Regeneration, from , 2012 Seattle Childrens Hospital Discovery Fund $15,000.00 one time gift 2012
    Novel Therapeutics for Fibrolamellar Carcinoma $517,815 (sub award of a TTSA grant totaling $1,529,441)
    Molecular Mechanisms of Liver Regeneration Herbert Coe Foundation and Department of Surgery $25,000.00/yr through June 2015


Board Certification(s)

Surgery (General Surgery)
Pediatric Surgery

Medical/Professional School

Emory University-Medical, ATLANTA, GA


Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, MA
University of Washington School of Medicine GME, Seattle, WA


Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Clinical Interests

Pediatric cancer, airway and esophageal conditions, neonatal surgery, pediatric general and thoracic surgery, pediatric cancer, prenatal diagnosis and counseling, ECMO

Research Focus Area

Prenatal diagnosis and treatment, Liver tumors, Research Liver Regeneration, Cardiotoxicity prevention & prediction