Heather B Jaspan, MD, PhD

Heather B Jaspan, MD, PhD

Infectious Disease and Virology

On staff since June 2013

Academic Title: Assistant Professor

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    • Jaspan Lab

      The Jaspan Lab seeks to identify correlates of HIV risk at mucosal surfaces, study the role of the commensal bacteria at these mucosal surfaces in modulating immunity, understand immunity of infants born to HIV-infected mothers who are uninfected yet have high morbidity and mortality, and identify vaccination strategie

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  • Awards and Honors
    Award Name Award Description Awarded By Award Date
    Octave Workshop for Young and Emerging Investigators New York 2011
    Clinical Research Loan Repayment Program NIH 2011
    Young Investigator Award Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections 2009
    AztraZeneca Highly Commended Clinical Research Young Investigator Award Medical Research Day 2008, Cape Town 2008
    International Scholarship Award Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections 2008
    Clinical Research Loan Repayment Program NIH 2004 - 2007
    Outstanding Medical Student in Pediatrics New Orleans Pediatric Society 1999
    Patrick Hanley Scholarship Tulane Medical School 1997
    National Research Service Award NIMH 1995 - 1999
    Phi Beta Kappa 1993
  • Publications

    Manuscripts in Refereed Journals

    • Gray CM, O'Hagan KL, Lorenzo-Redondo R, Olivier AJ, Amu S, Chigorimbo-Murefu N, Harryparsad R, Sebaa S, Maziya L, Dietrich J, Otwombe K, Martinson N, Ferrian S, Mkhize NN, Lewis DA, Lang D, Carias AM, Jaspan HB, Wilson DPK, McGilvray M, Cianci GC, Anderson MR, Dinh MH, Williamson AL, Passmore JS, Chiodi F, Hope TJ
      Impact of chemokine C-C ligand 27, foreskin anatomy and sexually transmitted infections on HIV-1 target cell availability in adolescent South African males.
      31619762 Mucosal immunology, 2020 Jan. : 13(1)118-127
    • Gudza-Mugabe M, Havyarimana E, Jaumdally S, Garson KL, Lennard K, Tarupiwa A, Mugabe F, Marere T, Mavenyengwa RT, Masson L, Jaspan HB
      HIV infection is associated with preterm delivery independent of vaginal microbiota in pregnant African women.
      31722395 The Journal of infectious diseases, 2019 Nov 13
    • Konstantinus IN, Balle C, Jaumdally SZ, Galmieldien H, Pidwell T, Masson L, Tanko RF, Happel AU, Sinkala M, Myer L, Bosinger SE, Gill K, Bekker LG, Jaspan HB, Passmore JS
      Impact of hormonal contraceptives on cervical Th17 phenotype and function in adolescents: Results from a randomized cross-over study comparing long-acting injectable norethisterone oenanthate (NET-EN), combined oral contraceptive pills, and combined contraceptive vaginal rings.
      31675420 Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 2019 Nov 2
    • Scheepers IM, Cryan JF, Bastiaanssen TFS, Rea K, Clarke G, Jaspan HB, Harvey BH, Hemmings SMJ, Santana L, van der Sluis R, Malan-Müller S, Wolmarans W
      Natural compulsive-like behaviour in the deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus bairdii) is associated with altered gut microbiota composition.
      31663195 The European journal of neuroscience, 2019 Oct 29
    • Wood MP, Wood LF, Templeton M, Fisher B, Lippy A, Jones CI, Lindestam Arlehamn CS, Sette A, Fuller JT, Murapa P, Jaspan HB, Fuller DH, Sodora DL
      Transient Immune Activation in BCG-Vaccinated Infant Rhesus Macaques Is Not Sufficient to Influence Oral Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Infection.
      31605528 The Journal of infectious diseases, 2019 Oct 12
    • Jaumdally SZ, Liebenberg LJP, Gumbi PP, Little F, Jaspan HB, Gamieldien H, Tiemessen CT, Coetzee D, Martin DP, Williamson C, Williamson AL, Passmore JS
      Partner HIV Serostatus Impacts Viral Load, Genital HIV Shedding, and Immune Activation in HIV-Infected Individuals.
      31169767 Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999), 2019 Sep 1 : 82(1)51-60
    • Brown BP, Jaspan HB
      Compositional analyses reveal correlations between taxon-level gut bacterial abundance and peripheral T cell marker expression in African infants.
      31347944 Gut microbes, 2019 Jul 26 : 1-8
    • Darby MG, Chetty A, Mrjden D, Rolot M, Smith K, Mackowiak C, Sedda D, Nyangahu D, Jaspan H, Toellner KM, Waisman A, Quesniaux V, Ryffel B, Cunningham AF, Dewals BG, Brombacher F, Horsnell WGC
      Pre-conception maternal helminth infection transfers via nursing long-lasting cellular immunity against helminths to offspring.
      31236458 Science advances, 2019 May : 5(5)eaav3058 PMCID:PMC6587632
    • McKinnon LR, Achilles SL, Bradshaw CS, Burgener A, Crucitti T, Fredricks DN, Jaspan HB, Kaul R, Kaushic C, Klatt N, Kwon DS, Marrazzo JM, Masson L, McClelland RS, Ravel J, van de Wijgert JHHM, Vodstrcil LA, Tachedjian G
      The Evolving Facets of Bacterial Vaginosis: Implications for HIV Transmission.
      30638028 AIDS research and human retroviruses, 2019 March : 35(3)219-228 PMCID:PMC6434601
    • Chetwin E, Manhanzva MT, Abrahams AG, Froissart R, Gamieldien H, Jaspan H, Jaumdally SZ, Barnabas SL, Dabee S, Happel AU, Bowers D, Davids L, Passmore JS, Masson L
      Antimicrobial and inflammatory properties of South African clinical Lactobacillus isolates and vaginal probiotics.
      30760770 Scientific reports, 2019 Feb 13 : 9(1)1917 PMCID:PMC6374385
    • Dzanibe S, Jaspan HB, Zulu MZ, Kiravu A, Gray CM
      Impact of maternal HIV exposure, feeding status, and microbiome on infant cellular immunity.
      30577072 Journal of leukocyte biology, 2019 Feb. : 105(2)281-289
    • Masson L, Barnabas S, Deese J, Lennard K, Dabee S, Gamieldien H, Jaumdally SZ, Williamson AL, Little F, Van Damme L, Ahmed K, Crucitti T, Abdellati S, Bekker LG, Gray G, Dietrich J, Jaspan H, Passmore JS
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      31649662 Frontiers in immunology, 2019 : 102307 PMCID:PMC6793433
    • Tchakoute CT, Sainani KL, Osawe S, Datong P, Kiravu A, Rosenthal KL, Gray CM, Cameron DW, Abimiku A, Jaspan HB, INFANT study team.
      Breastfeeding mitigates the effects of maternal HIV on infant infectious morbidity in the Option B+ era.
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      30038262 Scientific reports, 2018 Jul 23 : 8(1)11109 PMCID:PMC6056523
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    Book Chapters

    • Contributor to Paediatric Antiretroviral Therapy. In Handbook of HIV Medicine, 2nd Edition, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK
    • Meyers T, Jaspan H, Rabie H, and Cotton M
      Principles of Paediatric Antiretroviral Therapy. In From the ground up: A guide to Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care in Resource–Limited Settings. Eds R Marlink and S Teitelman, Washington DC, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
    • Owor M, Fowler MG, Jaspan H, Rabie H, Cotton M, and Musoke P
      Treatment and Prevention of Opportunistic Infections in Children Living with HIV. In From the Ground Up: Building Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care Programs in Resource-Limited Settings. Eds R Marlink and S Teitelman, Washington DC, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
  • Presentations
    Presentations Title Event Location Date
    Gut microbiome, HIV-exposure, and vaccine immunogenicity in HIV-exposed African infants (Lecture) 9th World Congress of the International Society of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, 11/2015 Cape Town, South Africa
    Can we eliminate Pediatric HIV? (Lecture) ARV Master Class, University of Cape Town, 2008 Cape Town, South Africa
    Adolescents in HIV Vaccine Trials (Lecture) At Immunobiology: From Infection to Immune Control, 3/2009 Keystone, Colorado
    Prevention and the microbiome (Lecture) 3rd HIV Research for Prevention Conference, 10/2018 Madrid, Spain
    South African HIV Clinicians Society Skills Development Program (Lecture) Durban AIDS Conference, 6/2005 Durban, South Africa
    Interplay between vaginal microbiome and genital immunity in South African adolescents at high risk for HIV (Lecture) CFAR New Faces Seminar, 4/2016 Seattle, WA
    HIV risk in young women: vaginal microbiome, inflammation, structural and behavioural determinants (Lecture) 12th INTEREST Conference, 5/2018 Kigali, Rwanda
    Effects of hormonal contraception on female genital microbiota and immunity in South African adolescents: A randomized trial (Lecture) Center for Global Infectious Disease Research Seminar, 10/2018 Seattle, WA
    Infant Feeding and HIV (Lecture) Durban AIDS Conference, 6/2011 Durban, South Africa
    Mucosal microbiome and immunity in South African adolescents (Lecture) CFAR Microbiome Workshop, 5/2016 Seattle, WA
    Vaccine responses in HIV-exposed infants (Lecture) Infectious Diseases in Africa Symposium, 10/2014 Cape Town, South Africa
    Mucosal microbiome and immunity (Lecture) 1st IUIS-FAIS Southern African Regional Immunology Workshop, 6th ID in Africa Symposium & 6th African Flow Cytometry Workshop, 10/2015 Cape Town, South Africa
    Maternal infections influence infant gut microbiota and immunity (Lecture) 7th FIDSSA Congress, 11/2017 Johannesburg, South Africa
    Maternal-neonatal microbiome; an international perspective (Lecture) ASM Microbe, 6/2019 San Francisco, CA
    Mucosal Microbiome (Lecture) South African Immunological Society Meeting, 3/2016 Johannesburg, South Africa
    HIV vaccine trials and adolescents (Lecture) IRENSA Training, University of Cape Town, 2006 & 2007 Cape Town, South Africa
  • Research Funding
    Grant Title Grantor Amount Award Date
    Immune correlates of tuberculosis and non-tuberculosis infectious morbidity in Southern African HIV-exposed, uninfected infants. R01 AI142670 (PI: Powis) Oct 1, 2018 - Sep 30, 2023
    Impact of vaginal microbiome on Chlamydia trachomatis infection. R01AI13214401 (PI: Balkus) Sep 1, 2018 - Aug 31, 2023
    Impact of HIV exposure, feeding status, and microbiome on immune ontogeny and vaccine responses in infants. U01 AI131302 (MPI: Blish, Jaspan and Gray) Stanford University/NIH Mar 1, 2017 - Feb 28, 2022
    Mucosal injury from sexual practices: Behaviour and biology of South African adolescents. R01 AI128792 (MPI: Jaspan, Passmore) NIH/NIAID Dec 1, 2016 - Nov 30, 2020
    Barrier Integrity, Microbiome and HIV target cell interaction in the human foreskin. R01 DK108434-01A1 (PI: Hope) NW University/NIH Dec 1, 2016 - Nov 30, 2021
    Effects of hormonal contraceptives on genital immunity and HIV susceptibility. R01 HD089831 (MPI: Heffron and Jaspan) UW/NIH Sep 1, 2016 - Aug 31, 2021
    Mucosal microbiome and vaccine responses in HIV-exposed African infants. R01 AI120714 (PI: Jaspan) NIH Jul 11, 2016 - Jun 30, 2021
    Vaginal virome of South African adolescents at high risk for HIV. R01 HD083040 (MPI: Jaspan and Passmore) NIH Apr 3, 2015 - Feb 29, 2020
    Intestinal microbiota, immune activation and vaccine responsiveness of the HIV-exposed infant (Co-PI with Cameron) Canadian Institutes of Health Research 2014 - 2015
    Innate, Adaptive and Mucosal Immune Responses in HIV-1 Exposed Uninfected Infants: A Human Model to Understand Correlates of Immune Protection Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative/Canadian Institutes for Health Research 2012 - 2017
    Myeloid-derived Suppressor cells (MDSC) suppress infant immune responses (PI: Horton) (Jaspan: South African PI) NICHHD/NIH 2012 - 2017
    K08 - Assessing feeding practices, immune activation, and HIV risk in South African infants NIH/NIAID 2011 - 2016


Board Certification(s)

Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Medical/Professional School

Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA


University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA


Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle, WA

Clinical Interests

Infant immunology, vaccines, HIV

Research Description

Heather Jaspan, MD, PhD is an investigator in the Center for Global Infectious Disease Research and an assistant professor of pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Washington. At this time, most of Dr. Jaspan's research is conducted in South Africa: In sub-Saharan Africa, there are 200,000 new infant HIV infections annually and adolescents are the fastest growing group of infected individuals. Our lab seeks to: identify correlates of HIV risk at mucosal surfaces, namely the infant gut and the adolescent genital tract; study the role of the commensal bacteria at these mucosal surfaces in modulating immunity; understand immunity of infants born to HIV-infected mothers, who are uninfected yet have high morbidity and mortality; identify vaccination strategies that reduce HIV infection and improve infectious morbidities in these vulnerable HIV-exposed infants. Our clinical site is primarily located in Cape Town, South Africa, where recruitment and sample processing occur.