Denise V. Shushan, MD

Denise V. Shushan, MD

Urgent Care

On staff since June 2015

    • Ashley Redmond 04.21.20

      Dr. Shushan was so helpful when my husband brought our daughter in for pneumonia. He had taken her to our primary care giver twice and we weren't getting anywhere, other than knowing it was a virus (in a time when Covid-19 seems to be everywhere knowing it was a virus wasn't at all comforting). Dr. Shushan took another xray and determined the antibiotic regiment our daughter was on wasn't nearly enough and prescribed her a more robust antibiotic. After 11 days of 101-103 degree fevers our daughter didn't have another fever thanks to Dr. Shushan and Children's Hospital. I'm so grateful for her care and for making sure we had all the answers, our daughter is better because of you!

    • Amy Kirkland 08.12.19

      Dr. Shushan was AMAZING! She was able to identify a bone infection for my son after 5 mins of careful examination, when others suspected a bug bite. She was thoughtful and caring through the entire exam. She prepared me for all the steps that were going to happen for the following days and it helped so much to have the foresight into each if the exact events as they happened. She even followed up with a caring call to ensure we were being take care of. Can't tell you how much I appreciate all she did and how comforting it was to have her as our doctor. Keep rocking it Dr. Shushan!! Thanks so much!


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Pediatrics, University of Washington, Seattle