Brandon S Maust, MD

Brandon S Maust, MD

Infectious Disease and Virology

On staff since July 2023

Children's Title: Attending Physician

Academic Title: Acting Assistant Professor

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    • Happel AU, Balle C, Havyarimana E, Brown B, Maust BS, Feng C, Yi BH, Gill K, Bekker LG, Passmore JS, Jaspan HB, Varsani A
      Cervicovaginal Human Papillomavirus Genomes, Microbiota Composition and Cytokine Concentrations in South African Adolescents.
      36992467 Viruses, 2023 Mar 15 : 15(3) PMCID:PMC10054107
    • Happel AU, Balle C, Maust BS, Konstantinus IN, Gill K, Bekker LG, Froissart R, Passmore JA, Karaoz U, Varsani A, Jaspan H
      Presence and Persistence of Putative Lytic and Temperate Bacteriophages in Vaginal Metagenomes from South African Adolescents.
      34960611 Viruses, 2021 Nov 23 : 13(12) PMCID:PMC8708031
    • Stekler JD, Milne R, Payant R, Beck I, Herbeck J, Maust B, Deng W, Tapia K, Holte S, Maenza J, Stevens CE, Mullins JI, Collier AC, Frenkel LM
      Transmission of HIV-1 drug resistance mutations within partner-pairs: A cross-sectional study of a primary HIV infection cohort.
      29584723 PLoS medicine, 2018 March : 15(3)e1002537 PMCID:PMC5870941
    • Sunshine JE, Larsen BB, Maust B, Casey E, Deng W, Chen L, Westfall DH, Kim M, Zhao H, Ghorai S, Lanxon-Cookson E, Rolland M, Collier AC, Maenza J, Mullins JI, Frahm N
      Fitness-Balanced Escape Determines Resolution of Dynamic Founder Virus Escape Processes in HIV-1 Infection.
      26223634 Journal of virology, 2015 Oct. : 89(20)10303-18 PMCID:PMC4580195
    • Manocheewa S, Lanxon-Cookson EC, Liu Y, Swain JV, McClure J, Rao U, Maust B, Deng W, Sunshine JE, Kim M, Rolland M, Mullins JI
      Pairwise growth competition assay for determining the replication fitness of human immunodeficiency viruses.
      25993602 Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE, 2015 May 4 : (99)e52610 PMCID:PMC4542137
    • Edlefsen PT, Rolland M, Hertz T, Tovanabutra S, Gartland AJ, deCamp AC, Magaret CA, Ahmed H, Gottardo R, Juraska M, McCoy C, Larsen BB, Sanders-Buell E, Carrico C, Menis S, Kijak GH, Bose M, RV144 Sequencing Team, Arroyo MA, O'Connell RJ, Nitayaphan S, Pitisuttithum P, Kaewkungwal J, Rerks-Ngarm S, Robb ML, Kirys T, Georgiev IS, Kwong PD, Scheffler K, Pond SL, Carlson JM, Michael NL, Schief WR, Mullins JI, Kim JH, Gilbert PB
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    • Dommaraju K, Kijak G, Carlson JM, Larsen BB, Tovanabutra S, Geraghty DE, Deng W, Maust BS, Edlefsen PT, Sanders-Buell E, Ratto-Kim S, deSouza MS, Rerks-Ngarm S, Nitayaphan S, Pitisuttihum P, Kaewkungwal J, O'Connell RJ, Robb ML, Michael NL, Mullins JI, Kim JH, Rolland M
      CD8 and CD4 epitope predictions in RV144: no strong evidence of a T-cell driven sieve effect in HIV-1 breakthrough sequences from trial participants.
      25350851 PloS one, 2014 : 9(10)e111334 PMCID:PMC4211711
    • Lanxon-Cookson EC, Swain JV, Manocheewa S, Smith RA, Maust B, Kim M, Westfall D, Rolland M, Mullins JI
      Factors affecting relative fitness measurements in pairwise competition assays of human immunodeficiency viruses.
      23933395 Journal of virological methods, 2013 Dec. : 194(1-2)7-13 PMCID:PMC3825816
    • Deng W, Maust BS, Westfall DH, Chen L, Zhao H, Larsen BB, Iyer S, Liu Y, Mullins JI
      Indel and Carryforward Correction (ICC): a new analysis approach for processing 454 pyrosequencing data.
      23900188 Bioinformatics (Oxford, England), 2013 Oct 1 : 29(19)2402-9 PMCID:PMC3777116
    • Larsen BB, Chen L, Maust BS, Kim M, Zhao H, Deng W, Westfall D, Beck I, Frenkel LM, Mullins JI
      Improved detection of rare HIV-1 variants using 454 pyrosequencing.
      24098517 PloS one, 2013 : 8(10)e76502 PMCID:PMC3788733
    • Rolland M, Edlefsen PT, Larsen BB, Tovanabutra S, Sanders-Buell E, Hertz T, deCamp AC, Carrico C, Menis S, Magaret CA, Ahmed H, Juraska M, Chen L, Konopa P, Nariya S, Stoddard JN, Wong K, Zhao H, Deng W, Maust BS, Bose M, Howell S, Bates A, Lazzaro M, O'Sullivan A, Lei E, Bradfield A, Ibitamuno G, Assawadarachai V, O'Connell RJ, deSouza MS, Nitayaphan S, Rerks-Ngarm S, Robb ML, McLellan JS, Georgiev I, Kwong PD, Carlson JM, Michael NL, Schief WR, Gilbert PB, Mullins JI, Kim JH
      Increased HIV-1 vaccine efficacy against viruses with genetic signatures in Env V2.
      22960785 Nature, 2012 Oct 18 : 490(7420)417-20 PMCID:PMC3551291
    • Herbeck JT, Müller V, Maust BS, Ledergerber B, Torti C, Di Giambenedetto S, Gras L, Günthard HF, Jacobson LP, Mullins JI, Gottlieb GS
      Is the virulence of HIV changing? A meta-analysis of trends in prognostic markers of HIV disease progression and transmission.
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      21593162 Journal of virology, 2011 Aug. : 85(15)7523-34 PMCID:PMC3147913
    • Rolland M, Tovanabutra S, deCamp AC, Frahm N, Gilbert PB, Sanders-Buell E, Heath L, Magaret CA, Bose M, Bradfield A, O'Sullivan A, Crossler J, Jones T, Nau M, Wong K, Zhao H, Raugi DN, Sorensen S, Stoddard JN, Maust BS, Deng W, Hural J, Dubey S, Michael NL, Shiver J, Corey L, Li F, Self SG, Kim J, Buchbinder S, Casimiro DR, Robertson MN, Duerr A, McElrath MJ, McCutchan FE, Mullins JI
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    • Rolland M, Carlson JM, Manocheewa S, Swain JV, Lanxon-Cookson E, Deng W, Rousseau CM, Raugi DN, Learn GH, Maust BS, Coovadia H, Ndung'u T, Goulder PJ, Walker BD, Brander C, Heckerman DE, Mullins JI
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      20824187 PloS one, 2010 Sep 1 : 5(9) PMCID:PMC2931691
    • Deng W, Maust BS, Nickle DC, Learn GH, Liu Y, Heath L, Kosakovsky Pond SL, Mullins JI
      DIVEIN: a web server to analyze phylogenies, sequence divergence, diversity, and informative sites.
      20569214 BioTechniques, 2010 May : 48(5)405-8 PMCID:PMC3133969
    • Herbeck JT, Gottlieb GS, Winkler CA, Nelson GW, An P, Maust BS, Wong KG, Troyer JL, Goedert JJ, Kessing BD, Detels R, Wolinsky SM, Martinson J, Buchbinder S, Kirk GD, Jacobson LP, Margolick JB, Kaslow RA, O'Brien SJ, Mullins JI
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      20064070 The Journal of infectious diseases, 2010 Feb 15 : 201(4)618-26 PMCID:PMC2928718
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      18434400 Journal of virology, 2008 July : 82(13)6434-46 PMCID:PMC2447109
    • Rolland M, Brander C, Nickle DC, Herbeck JT, Gottlieb GS, Campbell MS, Maust BS, Mullins JI
      HIV-1 over time: fitness loss or robustness gain?
      17703224 Nature reviews. Microbiology, 2007 Sept. : 5(9)C1


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Medical/Professional School

University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA


UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, Oakland, CA


University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA

Research Description

I’m interested in how the many bacteria, fungi, and viruses that live on us but don’t themselves cause symptoms can alter our immune system to make us susceptible to other infections. Much of my work is looking at how the microbiome impacts the risk of acquiring HIV and how antiretrovirals impact commensal bacteria and viruses. I work with Dr. Jaspan and her global network of collaborators to answer these questions.