Alissa Jeanne Curda Roberts, MD

Alissa Jeanne Curda Roberts, MD

Endocrinology and Diabetes, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Program

On staff since October 2017

Academic Title: Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

Research Center: Center for Clinical and Translational Research

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    • Roberts AJ, Malik F, Pihoker C, Dickerson JA
      Adapting to telemedicine in the COVID-19 era: Feasibility of dried blood spot testing for hemoglobin A1c.
      33588200 Diabetes & metabolic syndrome, 2021 Feb 9 : 15(1)433-437
    • O'Malley G, Ebekozien O, Desimone M, Pinnaro CT, Roberts A, Polsky S, Noor N, Aleppo G, Basina M, Tansey M, Steenkamp D, Vendrame F, Lorincz I, Mathias P, Agarwal S, Golden L, Hirsch IB, Levy CJ
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      33165563 The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism, 2021 Jan 23 : 106(2)e936-e942 PMCID:PMC7717244
    • Roberts AJ, Barry D, Yi-Frazier J, Rutman L, Pihoker C, Malik FS
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    • Roberts AJ, Taplin CE, Isom S, Divers J, Saydah S, Jensen ET, Mayer-Davis EJ, Reid LA, Liese AD, Dolan LM, Dabelea D, Lawrence JM, Pihoker C
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      32738012 Pediatric diabetes, 2020 Nov. : 21(7)1277-1284 PMCID:PMC7855399
    • Roberts AJ, Moss A, Malik FS, Taplin C, Pihoker C, Hirsch IB, Read K, Yi-Frazier JP
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    • Roberts AJ, Yi-Frazier JP, Carlin K, Taplin CE
      Hypoglycaemia avoidance behaviour and exercise levels in active youth with type 1 diabetes.
      32704571 Endocrinology, diabetes & metabolism, 2020 July : 3(3)e00153 PMCID:PMC7375118
    • Roberts AJ, Law JR, Suerken CK, Reboussin BA, Lawrence JM, Taplin CE, Mayer-Davis EJ, Pihoker C
      Alcohol consumption patterns in young adults with type 1 diabetes: The SEARCH for diabetes in youth study.
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      Feasibility of Routine Assessment of Exercise Knowledge and Safety in Youth With Type 1 Diabetes.
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    • Salehi P, Roberts AJ, Kim GJ
      Efficacy and Safety of Real-Life Usage of MiniMed 670G Automode in Children with Type 1 Diabetes Less than 7 Years Old.
      31166801 Diabetes technology & therapeutics, 2019 Aug. : 21(8)448-451
    • Nip ASY, Reboussin BA, Dabelea D, Bellatorre A, Mayer-Davis EJ, Kahkoska AR, Lawrence JM, Peterson CM, Dolan L, Pihoker C, SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Study Group.
      Disordered Eating Behaviors in Youth and Young Adults With Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes Receiving Insulin Therapy: The SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Study.
      30862656 Diabetes care, 2019 May : 42(5)859-866 PMCID:PMC6489106
    • Roberts A, Nip A, Verma A, LaRoche A
      Meeting Report: 2017 International Joint Meeting of Pediatric Endocrinology Washington DC (September 14-17, 2017) Selected Highlights.
      29493130 Pediatric endocrinology reviews : PER, 2018 March : 15(3)255-266 PMCID:PMC6478025
    • Roberts AJ, Yi-Frazier JP, Aitken KE, Mitrovich CA, Pascual MF, Taplin CE
      Do youth with type 1 diabetes exercise safely? A focus on patient practices and glycemic outcomes.
      27380934 Pediatric diabetes, 2017 Aug. : 18(5)367-375
    • Dickerson JA, Polsky TG, Greene DN, Salehi P, Roberts AJ, Jack RM
      False-Positive Total T3 Using the Ortho Vitros Immunoassay in Pediatric Populations.
      33379814 The journal of applied laboratory medicine, 2017 May 1 : 1(6)751-753
    • Roberts AJ, Taplin CE
      Exercise in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes.
      26133177 Current pediatric reviews, 2015 : 11(2)120-5


Board Certification(s)

Pediatric Endocrinology

Medical/Professional School

Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth, HANOVER, NH


University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA


University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Clinical Interests

Type 1 diabetes, general endocrinology. Transition from pediatric to adult care, exercise in type 1 diabetes, psychosocial elements of type 1 diabetes.