What is Washington’s Mental Health Referral Service for Children and Teens?

We connect families with mental health providers in your community who accept new patients, work with your insurance and fit your child’s treatment needs. The Referral Service is accessible to children and teens 17 and under living in Washington State.

How to Use the Mental Health Referral Service

What can families expect?

  1. First, you have a telephone call (15–20 minutes) with a Referral Specialist to chat about what type of mental health services your child/teen needs.
  2. Next, the Referral Specialist will research mental health providers in your area to find at least 2 providers that meet your family’s needs.
  3. After matches are found, a referral specialist will call and email the information to you to coach how to access a provider in real-time. 
  4. A few weeks after providing the referrals, the referral specialist will check if the matches were a good fit and an appointment was scheduled. At this time, we will address any barriers you experienced and match you to another provider as needed.

Our service works closely with Primary Care Providers throughout WA State and faxes the referral matches to your PCP for care coordination. For families with Apple Health insurance, referral matches are sent to Apple Health case managers to provide additional care support.

Learn about mental health resources, support, and education videos, for you and your family.

Washington State funds the Mental Health Referral Service and it operates at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Partnership Access Line (PAL) program.

Primary Care Providers, learn more about the service.

  • Washington’s Mental Health Referral Service keeps a database of mental health providers that we update each day. Information comes from health plan provider lists and other sources that we check for accuracy. Our staff also calls mental health providers in different parts of the state to see if they have openings. 

    The database includes:

    • If the mental health provider has openings for new patients
    • Provider’s specialties and types of treatment offered
    • Which health insurance or state programs cover the provider
  • No. Seattle Children’s operates the Mental Health Referral Service for Washington state. The service is for children and teens from across our state. Your child does not need to be a Seattle Children’s patient.