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Appointment availability

Updated November 2023.

  • Effective November 2023, we are currently not accepting outside referrals to Infusion Services. Patients needing an iron infusion or Remdesivir antiviral therapy can still be seen:
    • To refer your patient for an iron infusion, please refer them to Hematology; Hematology will then see your patient and write orders for the iron infusion. Iron infusions for restless leg syndrome should be referred to Sleep Medicine.
    • To request Remdesivir antiviral therapy for your COVID-19 patient, you must contact the Infectious Disease team first. Reach them via the hospital operator at 206-987-2000. The infusion clinic is able to provide this therapy to all pediatric patients who are at high risk for complications from COVID-19. The current COVID-19 variants are not responsive to monoclonal antibody therapy. Thus, we are no longer offering those infusions.   

Questions? Please contact the Infusion APP at 206-987-8075 (Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Referral requirements

Please submit a referral that is complete. This helps us schedule your patient’s appointment in a timely manner and ensure their first visit is smooth and productive. 

Please include:

  • Service/specialty clinic requested
  • Reason for referral: what infusion or test are you requesting?
  • If the referral is urgent (see within 4 weeks) or routine (next available)
  • ICD-10 diagnosis – required
  • ALL relevant clinical documents
    • Clinic notes
    • Medication history
    • Growth charts/curves
    • Lab reports
    • Pathology reports (if any)
    • Previous specialty evaluations
    • Previous operative reports, if available
  • Patient’s full name, DOB, sex, address, guardian contact information and insurance
  • Referring provider’s name, phone, fax and the referral coordinator’s email address so that we may contact you if additional information is needed
  • If an interpreter is needed

We’re committed to partnering with you

We are always available to answer questions and support your care of your patients.

  • Diagnosis and treatment options: call 206-987-7777 (Provider-to-Provider Line)
  • Referring or transporting a patient to our Emergency Department or Urgent Care: call 206-987-8899 or, toll free, 866-987-8899 (ED Communications Center)
  • Questions about scheduling and referrals, including locating or expediting a referral: call 206-987-2080 (Clinical Intake Nurses)
  • Learn more about managing your patients at Seattle Children's, including viewing your patient’s records.

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What Your Patients Can Expect

Within 3 days of receiving your referral, we will contact your patient to set up an appointment.

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