Craniofacial Center

Out-of-Area Patients

Seattle Children’s Craniofacial Center offers dedicated support for families from outside the Northwest region of Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.

Our Craniofacial Center has experts in every field your child might need – from reconstructive surgery, to craniofacial pediatrics, to nutrition. Learn more about why Seattle Children’s is one of the most highly regarded craniofacial centers in the world.

Services We Offer

Second opinions and intake evaluations

Dr. Michael Cunningham portraitIf you are considering transferring your child’s care, we can arrange an intake evaluation via telemedicine with craniofacial pediatrician Dr. Michael Cunningham, medical director of the Craniofacial Center.

No referral is needed, but we will ask for:

  • Your child’s medical history
  • A brief description of your child’s chief complaint/area of concern
  • Photos of your child (read our instructions for taking photos)
  • Copies of recent imaging (CT, MRI, etc.)
  • Contact information for your current primary care and craniofacial providers
  • Insurance information

Please note that at this point, we do not provide second opinions for positional plagiocephaly.

Insurance authorization and estimates

  • We will work with you and your insurance provider to get insurance authorization or payment prior to making any telemedicine or clinic visits.
  • We are not able to provide an estimate until you and your child have met with Dr. Cunningham by phone or telemedicine to determine which providers you will need to see and any imaging or tests that should be done.

How to Request an Appointment

To make an appointment with the Craniofacial Center, please fill out our intake form and email it to our Program Coordinator Christine Thai. You can also call her 206-987-0184 or fax the intake form to 206-985-3370 ATTN: Christine Thai.

If you already have an appointment, learn more about how to prepare and what to expect at your Craniofacial Center visit.

How to Refer a Patient

If you are a provider, fax any clinic notes (such as head circumference and a description of head shape) along with a New Appointment Request Form (PDF) (DOC) to 206-985-3121 or 866-985-3121 (toll-free). See Refer a Patient for more information.

Support for Traveling Families

Guest Services and our team social workers can help arrange a place to stay, transportation and other resources for your visit.