Meet Your Team

Meet Your Team

We are experts in assessing and treating babies, children, teens and young adults for hearing loss. All of our audiologists hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC-A). This nationally recognized professional credential shows a level of excellence in their field. Most of our audiologists have a doctorate degree. 

Providers in the Audiology Program include:

    • Susan Norton, PhD, CCC-A, Chief, audiology clinic programs and research
    • Janet Dunnell, MS, CCC-A, manager, audiology clinics
    • Anupa Mutyala, AuD, CCC-A, clinic supervisor, Bellevue
    • Nicole Holmer, MS, CCC-A, clinic supervisor, Everett
    • Meg Meredith, AuD, CCC-A, clinic supervisor, Seattle
    • Mallory Baker, AuD, CCC-A (Seattle)
    • Rachel Barr, AuD, CCC-A (Seattle)
    • Tia Carroll, AuD, CCC-A (Seattle)
    • Grace Chang, AuD, CCC-A (Everett)
    • Annie Duchen, AuD, CCC-A (Everett and Seattle)
    • Janet Dunnell, MS, CCC-A (Bellevue and Seattle)
    • Paige Formsma, AuD, CCC-A (Bellevue and Seattle)
    • Nicole Holmer, MS, CCC-A (Everett)
    • Lauren Howard, AuD, CCC-A (Everett and Seattle)
    • Hannah Jeon, AuD, CCC-A (Seattle, per diem)
    • Whitney Kidd, AuD, CCC-A (educational outreach, Bellevue)
    • Julie Kinsman, AuD, CCC-A (Seattle)
    • Claire Mayer-Jordan, AuD, CCC-A (Everett)
    • Meg Meredith, AuD, CCC-A (Seattle)
    • Anupa Mutyala, AuD, CCC-A (Bellevue)
    • Meg Pearson, AuD, CCC-A (Seattle)
    • Lauren Pontis, AuD, CCC-A (Everett)
    • Caitlin Rawn, AuD, CCC-A (Bellevue and Seattle)
    • Bridget Romine, AuD, CCC-A (Everett)
    • Melina Sauer, MA, CCC-A (Bellevue)
    • Kim Scherer, AuD, CCC-A (Everett)
    • Ashley Schmitz, AuD, CCC-A (Seattle)
    • Laura Steinmetz, AuD, CCC-A (Seattle)
    • Rebecca Swanson, AuD, CCC-A (Seattle, per diem)
    • Lisa Yamaguchi, AuD, CCC-A (Bellevue)

The audiologist was, and always is, wonderful with our daughter and gave us plenty of supplies we needed for the hearing aids.... CI [cochlear implant] specialist was great about answering any questions we had and showing us what type of devices there were.

Parent in Everett, Washington

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If you would like an appointment, ask your child’s primary care provider to refer you. For more information, call 206-987-5173 for the Audiology Clinic or 206-987-3853 for the Cochlear Implant Program.

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