Nursing at Seattle Children’s

Staff Nurse Benefits

Comprehensive Benefits

Our benefits package demonstrates our commitment to supporting your health and well-being.

Staff RNs are represented by a collective bargaining agreement between Seattle Children’s and the Washington State Nurses Association, and are offered a comprehensive set of benefits, listed below.

Nurses not represented by the collective bargaining agreement receive the same benefits as other staff members.


Seattle Children's pays for the majority of the medical/dental premium costs for the nurse with varying levels of coverage for spouses and dependents.  

Vacation and Sick Leave

Annual leave is a bank of hours that can be used for vacations, holidays and other personal time off. You begin accruing annual leave on your first day of employment, as described in the collective bargaining agreement. Sick leave begins accruing on the first day of employment. Accrual amounts increase with length of service.


Nurses are paid on Seattle Children’s observed holidays Staff members are paid from their annual leave bank (unless otherwise scheduled to work). If scheduled to work, staff members are paid as described in the collective bargaining agreement.

Retirement Benefits

We offer two retirement plans through Fidelity: a 401(a) retirement plan and a 403(b) tax-sheltered plan. After you have worked one year, Seattle Children's will make additional contributions to the plan.

The 401(a) plan has three contribution components.

  1. A generous employer contribution
  2. Both pre-tax and after-tax Roth employee contribution options.
  3. An Employer matching contribution.

Life Insurance

Seattle Children's pays the full cost for basic life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance. If additional coverage is desired, supplemental life insurance may be purchased at group rates for the staff members and dependents.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Through Seattle Children's flexible spending accounts program, eligible day care and medical expenses can be reimbursed with tax-free dollars, which are set aside each pay period.

Continuing Education Support

An in-service education program is available for all nurses. RNs may receive pro-rated paid education and/or professional leave. A tuition assistance program is also available for qualified employees.

Home Ownership Program

Children's employees have access to Advantage Home Plus (AHP) discounts and services. AHP provides assistance with buying, selling, remodeling, or refinancing a home, in addition to coaching and strategic planning for things like Credit Guidance and Rapid Credit Rescore.

Adoption Assistance

Benefit of up to $2,500 for reimbursement of qualified adoption expenses.


We offer nationally-award winning transportation perks, including a deeply discounted unlimited transit pass, a bonus each day you commute to work by bus, rail, carpool, vanpool, biking or walking, and complimentary shuttle service to transit connections and worksites. Seattle Children’s is a platinum-level Bicycle-Friendly Business, we provide free vanpool parking and premium carpool parking, and we have a team of transportation experts happy to help you find an affordable and convenient commute.

Hourly Wages and Other Compensation

Seattle Children's nurses hired after August 1, 2004, into staff nurse or charge nurse positions must become members of the Washington State Nurses Association


We offer wellness benefits to support your physical and emotional health, including yoga and discounted Pilates, staff retreats, and discounts on gym memberships and tickets to cultural and recreational activities in the Seattle area.

Other Benefits

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