About Seattle Children’s

Strategic Plan

A Message From Jeff Sperring, MD, Chief Executive Officer

At Seattle Children’s, we are privileged to stand on the shoulders of transformational leaders who came before us, right from our very beginning in 1907. Their vision and courage grew Seattle Children’s into one of America’s most highly respected regional medical centers.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve created a world-class pediatric research institute accelerating breakthrough discoveries and therapies that weren’t previously imaginable.

Our new strategic plan (PDF) defines the next great era for Seattle Children’s. It’s built on a simple, but powerful, premise: transform children’s health by empowering a world-class team supported by an unrivaled community. In the coming years, our goal is to serve more children, more efficiently, with even better outcomes. With this new plan as our guide, we will accomplish that goal together.

The plan starts with updated mission, vision and values statements. The plan then goes on to outline our major focus areas designed to help us meet the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly changing world of healthcare.

We will move forward and reach our goals as a unified organization, with seamless collaboration between and among the hospitalresearch institute, and foundation and guild association. This spirit of unity and cooperation gave rise to the new strategic plan that reflects the ideas and opinions of the entire Seattle Children’s community. Working together, we have crafted a thoughtful and inspiring blueprint for the future.

When hope, care and cure come together, we can accomplish great things. We can treat childhood illness. We can cure chronic disease. And, equally important, we can create healthier communities through education and prevention, so kids don’t get sick in the first place.

Our goals are clear. Our teams are aligned. Seattle Children’s future has never looked brighter. Thanks for your support, dedication and optimism.

Strategic Plan Initiatives

Below are the areas of focus for Seattle Children’s strategic plan. Each one encompasses programs and projects to help us make a positive impact on pediatric health. The plan is ambitious and far-reaching, but it has one simple goal: to bring the power of hope, care and cures to as many children, teens and their families as possible.

Team of the Future

We will recruit, train and retain the best individuals and teams. Our investments will keep us at the forefront of innovation, attracting top talent now and into the future. 

Information and Data

We will improve our technology infrastructure and use best practices to ensure data stability and access to information for patients and their families, staff, faculty and referring providers.

Initiative: Improvement and Innovation

Building on a strong foundation of continuous performance improvement, we will deepen our culture of safety, excellence and innovation.

Expanding Our Facilities

Growth and integration demands new facilities with the capacity to deliver higher-quality care and support. Expanding research capabilities will ensure success of priority programs and propel us into the future.

Clinical Capabilities

To meet the region’s growing needs, we are enhancing our clinical offerings, such as improving pediatric transport, creating new surgical spaces, expanding infusion areas and accommodating international patients.

Community Health

We continue our vigorous commitment to community-wide care, along with providing education and advocacy programs to promote healthy living and injury prevention.

Digital Health

Technology is opening new doors to patient care and interaction. We will provide high-quality care through telemedicine and create digital tools for patients and their families to enable self-care and health monitoring. 

Growth and Integration

The hospital and research institute will continue to grow and work more closely together in all disciplines.


Expand our collaborative and productive partnerships with health systems, primary care providers, payers, community organizations and others to broaden our reach and effectiveness.

Population Health

We will pilot new care coordination models and value-based contracts to ensure the healthiest population possible. We will reinvest in technology and data, and enhance training to improve the quality and safety of care.