Supporting the Community Through Sponsorships

Seattle Children’s is proud to support and partner with community organizations, non-profits, schools, community groups, research-focused organizations and others to improve the health and safety of families and the livability of our community now and into the future. The emphasis of the Seattle Children’s sponsorship program is on building long-term partnerships by supporting a select number of events and activities that resonate with Seattle Children’s mission, vision and strategic priorities.

Seattle Children’s consists of Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle Children’s Research Institute and Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Foundation, and we welcome sponsorship requests that align with one or all.

How to Submit a Sponsorship Proposal

Process, criteria and timing

  1. Create proposal
    • Please include the following information in your sponsorship proposal:
      • Description and history of the event or activity to be sponsored
      • Date, location and contact information for the proposed event or activity
      • Why Seattle Children’s should sponsor this event or activity (how does the proposed sponsorship match up to the evaluation criteria)
      • Demographics of audience for event or activity (attendance, age range, household income, gender, etc.)
      • Number of people served (if applicable)
      • Specific level of support requested (if applicable)
      • Sponsorship levels available and associated sponsorship benefits
      • List of title or other major partners and/or sponsors (if applicable)
      • How sponsorship dollars will be used
      • Suggestion for how Seattle Children’s should evaluate participation in the proposed event or activity from a return-on-investment standpoint. Is there a formal sponsorship evaluation/wrap-up reporting process in place (e.g., impressions, attendance, exposure to key audiences, sponsor awareness tracking, logo and/or brand exposure, etc.)?
      • Deadline for sponsorship decision
  2. Submit proposal
    • Email us your proposal or questions or send your proposal to:
      Seattle Children’s
      Attn: MarComm Sponsorships/Partnerships
      M/S S-217
      PO Box 5371
      Seattle, WA 98145-5005
    • Please note that because of the volume of requests that we receive we are unable to accept telephone inquiries.
  3. Proposal review
    • Seattle Children’s reviews proposals on a quarterly basis in February, May, August and November each year. Requests should be submitted at least four months before the commitment deadline to insure the request is properly vetted.
    • If there is a need for additional information, Children’s will contact the organization directly. Proposals will be evaluated against our standard criteria.
  4. Sponsorship implementation
    • The sponsorship team will contact you on or before the sponsorship deadline with our sponsorship commitment decision. If the sponsorship request is approved, a Seattle Children’s representative will work with you and your organization to implement the sponsorship.

Note: If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring or supporting a Seattle Children’s fundraising event, please email Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Foundation or Seattle Children's Hospital Guild Association or call 206-987-2153 or 800-635-1432 (toll-free).