Seattle Children’s Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Making Waves from the Beginning

Our Innovative Spirit Was Established in 1907

historical photo of a child in bed looking at the camera

Motivated by the loss of her own child, our founder, Anna Clise, pioneered the first pediatric hospital in the Pacific Northwest. It opened on Jan. 11, 1907, with only seven beds, and specialized care for children went from non-existent to obtainable. ​ 

Clise’s vision of providing care for the children of Seattle regardless of their family’s ability to pay inspires us to provide a platform for today’s faculty and staff that brings their ideas to life regardless of barriers or assumed limitations. ​

We want to channel Clise, the first Seattle Children’s innovator, and encourage our faculty and staff to use their experiences with our patients and families to drive more solutions. This ode to our past empowers our future. ​

Learn more about what Continuous Improvement and Innovation looks like today at Seattle Children’s, with cutting-edge technology and programs unlike any other.

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