On the Pulse

COVID-19 Vaccines Now Available for Kids Under 5

6.23.2022 | Casey Egan

Dr Sperring talks to vaccine recipients at the Odessa Brown clinic.

On June 21, Seattle Children’s became one of the first locations in the country to offer COVID-19 vaccinations to children ages 6 months to 4 years old.

This was a day that Seattle Children’s staff has long worked toward, as Seattle Children’s doctors were also involved clinical trial research for COVID-19 vaccines for this age group. For children in the 6 months – 4-year-old age group, our COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial spots were highly sought after, with thousands of applicants for approximately 100 slots at Seattle Children’s.

Seattle Children’s CEO Dr. Jeff Sperring, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ruth McDonald, and Medical Director of Infection Prevention Dr. Danielle Zerr celebrated the occasion and spoke with  the children and their families who joined us to become the first patients vaccinated for this age group at Seattle Children’s helped mark an exciting and historic milestone in the effort to combat COVID-19.

“I am amazed that we have been able to get a vaccine to the smallest children in such a short time,” McDonald told KING-TV. “It’s exciting!”

On June 22, the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic at Othello also opened up for vaccine appointments for this age group, and in the coming weeks and months, Seattle Children’s looks forward to reaching kids and families in their communities. Through our regional clinics, main campus, mobile events, and community engagement, we will work to offer vaccines at convenient times and locations. Also, the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic is affiliated with three school-based health centers. These health centers have already been vaccinating students 5 and up and staff at these centers are already trained in administering vaccines.

COVID-19 vaccine appointments at our main hospital campus can be made through our website and at OBCC Othello by calling the clinic directly at 206-987-7210.