Research Coordinator Core

Request RCC Services

To request RCC services, complete the online request form as a standalone application.

You will be contacted within two weeks of the date your request was submitted to inform you if your request can be met. If request is approved, the RCC request form serves as the agreement between the investigator and RCC for services and time commitment.

RCC staff are available within a few days to a few weeks, depending on the project and availability.

Fee Structure

New rates listed below began July 1, 2017. Rates will be applied to all existing and upcoming studies.

Non–industry-sponsored projects

  • Clinical research associate (CRA): $50 per hour
  • Research nurse (RN): $70 per hour
  • Monitoring services: $70 per hour

Industry-sponsored projects

  • Clinical research associate (CRA): $60 per hour
  • Research nurse (RN): $80 per hour
  • Monitoring services: $80 per hour

Staff will only charge time to a study when they are actively working on or being trained specially for the study. Additional Seattle Children's–mandated training, vacation and sick time will not be charged to studies.

The RCC also offers the option to hire staff on an FTE basis. In this model, staff charge directly to the research grant for a specified FTE. Please contact Tina Allen, RCC research manager, if dedicated FTE is needed for your project.

IRB Application Support

We have an IRB coordinator dedicated to writing and submitting IRB applications. This service is available to all Seattle Children’s investigators at no cost.

Schedule an introductory meeting with the IRB coordinator to get started.

Consultation Services for CCTR Investigators

CCTR investigators who anticipate using the RCC services can receive a one-hour consultation at no cost. During the consultation, RCC staff will answer any study-specific questions and assess what may be needed for overall study operations including start-up, recruitment, enrollment and study visits. 

To request a consultation, email the RCC with the following information:

  • Name
  • Department
  • Title of study (if applicable)
  • Anticipated start date
  • Any study-related documentation (protocol, notes, concepts, aims)