Pediatric Clinical Research Center

Using the PCRC

All investigators must be a credentialed Seattle Children’s provider or collaborate with a credentialed investigator in order to use the PCRC.

Application Process

To use PCRC facilities and resources, complete the PCRC application. The following documents will also be required:

  • Study protocol

After submitting the application, you will receive an email confirmation with the date you can expect a response.

Research in Regionals Application

    Study Start-Up Rates

    AEF, CRSP, FSRF, and other internal/SCH funded investigators $0
    Administrative room–only studies $500
    Non-industry funded $1,500
    Industry funded $2,000

    Study Visit Rates

    PCRC service rates are determined by the level of complexity for each study visit.

    Level 0 – Administrative Studies
    Less than 1-hour visit, assigned no risk/very low risk–level studies, no procedures, only registering and rooming
    Level 1 – Simple
    Brief, less than 1-hour visit, minimum set-up and follow-up
    Level 2 – Standard
    1–2-hour visit, intervention or follow-up
    Level 3 – Complex
    2–4-hour visit, multiple procedures, more complex set-up, multiple specimen sampling
    Level 4 – Intensive
    4–6-hour visit, ongoing support and monitoring, complex specimen handling and processing
    Level 5 – Extensive
    6–12-hour visit, intensive PK-PD; frequent, complex sampling schedule; various procedures requiring multiple nurses; includes sleep studies
    Level 6 – Extended
    8-12 hour visit, includes extended visits starting after 8 p.m., overnight or sleep studies with PCRC staffing

    Other Fees

    PCRC staff travel outside organization $25 flat rate

    Questions? Send us an email.