On-Site Supply Core

Center Support Services established the On-Site Supply Core in 2014 to reduce waste and increase efficiencies in supplying labs with the most commonly used non-perishable lab supplies. A cross-functional team representing lab staff, lab managers, and administrative staff evaluated over a year’s worth of purchases across all centers to identify the most purchased items, and create a process for supplying them “just in time”. The core is located in JMB receiving, where lab staff can pick up all of their deliveries at once.

Reduces Costs

Individual labs no longer have to purchase in mass quantities to get the best price. The On-Site Supply Core purchases supplies in bulk and passes the savings on to each lab.

Reduces Storage Needs

Large-quantity purchases are now managed by the On-Site Supply Core, so individual labs do not need to store cases of gloves, tips, petri dishes, etc. When there are multiple labs on each floor, multiple bulk orders consume excessive floor and storage space.

Increases Efficiency

Going through a standard requisition process and awaiting delivery can take over a week. Now the most common items can be ordered and picked up the same day.


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