Non-Employee Partner Access

The purpose of these steps is to outline the process for Fred Hutch and University of Washington research employees who must acquire “affiliate staff” status to support research at Seattle Children’s.

  • All research staff who anticipate conducting research activities and require systems-level and/or facilities access at Seattle Children’s must acquire affiliate staff status.
  • Partner Access will act as a sponsor for Fred Hutch employees.
  • University of Washington employees must be sponsored by a Seattle Children’s employee in a management position.

Step 1: Application and Approval Process Timeline

  • Submit your application for the Partner Access program using the following links:

University of Washington Employees

Fred Hutch Employees

  • Your application will go through a review process prior to approval. This may take 1-3 weeks depending on the volume of applications we receive and if any follow-up information is requested.

Step 2: NEAT Form and Red Carpet Onboarding

  • Once approved by Partner Access, your sponsor will be notified to submit a NEAT form.
  • The NEAT form will trigger a welcome email from Seattle Children’s HR with login information for Red Carpet, our online onboarding system.
  • Log into Red Carpet and complete the list of required paperwork as soon as possible.

Step 3: Network Access

  • Once you complete all required paperwork in Red Carpet, you will receive an email with your Non-Employee ID number (also referred to as “EID or badge number”).
  • You and your sponsor will receive your login information to our network, visit the Remote Access page to access the remote portal.
  • If you need help, please contact the IT help desk at 206-987-1111 and have your EID (“badge number” ready at the time that you call).

Step 4: Immunization Screening and Badge Appointment (for approved on-site applicants)

Required Immunization Screening
  • Required Immunization Screening for COVID vaccination history
  • Once staff received their Employee ID (“EID” or “badge number”), staff may proceed by sending their vaccination history to Workforce and Environmental Health and Safety (WEHS) by email or fax it to 206-985-3159
  • Please contact WEHS by email or call 206-987-3392 if you have any questions
Badge Appointment

Step 5: Training

  • Complete required training in our online learning center “Grow@SC”.
  • Email the completed checklist by the end of your first week to prevent your access privileges from being revoked due to non-compliance.
  • University of Washington Orientation Checklist (DOC)

Step 6: Elevated Access

  • Electronic Medical Record (EHR) access for research study team members requires additional training and study team members must complete one of the following courses before gaining access to Protected Health Information (PHI): (1) Epic for Research Study Team or (2) Epic for Research View-Only
  • Elevated site access – please email Partner Access to review request.

Step 7: Extension Access Request & Study Portfolio Update for current Affiliate Staff

  • If you need to extend your assignment, complete another application for partner access and mark “extension” under “Application Type.”
  • Please make sure to reapply at least 30 days before your access is set to expire to prevent any disruption to your access.
  • You are only approved to work on studies that you included on your application. If you are assigned to an additional study, please complete a New Study form using the following links:

University of Washington Employees

Fred Hutch Employees