Clinical Research Support Office

Clinical Research Billing Compliance

Seattle Children's is committed to compliance in clinical research and research patient care billing. It is the responsibility of investigators and their staff to ensure that billing for all clinical research studies occurs only as appropriate and in compliance with relevant laws, regulations and Seattle Children's policies.

All investigators and research staff who work with studies that involve clinical services for research participants at Seattle Children's need to be familiar with and abide by all research billing processes and policies.

To maximize Seattle Children's compliance efforts, Merge CTMS, a clinical trial management system, is used to track research participant activity and create billing audit reports. All clinical research studies that involve billable research care events or a mixture of research care events and conventional care events that generate hospital charges are required to use Merge CTMS.

Those with Seattle Children's network access can locate more information on CHILD.

If you have any questions about Merge CTMS, please send an email.