Biostatistics Epidemiology and Analytics in Research

REDCap at Seattle Children's

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture), developed by Vanderbilt University, is a modern, flexible, powerful, and secure web-based survey and form tool. The basics of REDCap are quick to learn and most study teams discover that a REDCap system, once developed, is easy to use and maintain. REDCap is HIPAA-compliant.

Seattle Children's strives to provide free, secure, and stable access to REDCap to all investigators, study teams, quality improvement groups, and research partners.

Everyday support for the SCRI REDCap instance is covered by the Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Analytics in Research (BEAR) Core.


Request access to Seattle Children's REDCap

Seattle Children's supports a production REDCap instance for live survey capture and a training instance for development and testing. Data stored on the training instance will be purged periodically and will not be backed up. However, a project can be copied to the production instance on request.

To request access for outside users (those without a Seattle Children's login ID) please use this form:

Request access for an outside user


For help materials and general REDCap support, please see the main [link:] Seattle Children's REDCap home page.

If you have QI or operational support projects hosted on the UW ITHS REDCap instance that needs to be moved to the SCRI REDCap instance, please fill out this form:

Request assistance moving a project from the ITHS REDCap to Seattle Children's REDCap


In partnership with the ITHS REDCap team at the University of Washington, the ITHS team offers free REDCap classes on a regular schedule, covering the basics as well as more advanced topics such as the Data Dictionary and Longitudinal Surveys.

Sign up for ITHS REDCap training via the training section of the ITHS website

BEAR Consulting and data management

In addition to providing basic REDCap support for the SCRI instance, BEAR also provides consulting and data management services on an hourly or FTE basis.

BEAR REDCap-related services include:

  • Study design and “best practices for clean data” advice
  • Building REDCap forms, surveys and reports
  • Migrating existing data to SCH REDCap
  • Dynamic Query (SQL) fields
  • Advanced study design
    • Branching logic
    • Calculated fields
    • API integration
    • Survey queues & invitations
    • Longitudinal design & repeating instruments
  • Multiple language management
  • Randomization
  • Linking REDCap to EPIC, Tableau, Excel, R, and other external programs.
  • Custom training sessions
  • Scoring tools
  • Data quality reports

To request BEAR REDCap consulting or data management, please fill out this form:

BEAR Intake Form