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Opportunities for Professional Development

Learning outside the lab is a critical component of the Invent at Seattle Children’s Postdoctoral Scholars Program. Scholars will spend up to 20% of their time completing coursework and participating in professional development activities that will help them learn the business side of biotechnology.

The educational program includes a recommended core curriculum that can be tailored to the specific interests and long-term goals of each scholar. Each scholar will receive career development funds to support their coursework, conference attendance, and professional development activities.

Core curriculum

Recommended core curriculum includes an in-person overview course offered by the University of Washington and taught by Will Canestaro. The Health Innovation Practicum course organizes students into cross-disciplinary teams around project concepts that present solutions to classmates and a panel of experts.

Recommended online courses address drug discovery and development​, intellectual property and regulatory affairs.

Drug discovery and development​ and intellectual property

Through a partnership with the University of California San Diego, scholars can select online courses that are of interest from the Drug Discovery and Development program and the Intellectual Property Certificate program.

Regulatory affairs

Scholars can select online coursework offered by the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society to further build their knowledge base. The flexible certificate program is comprehensive and customizable and can be completed in a few months.

Biotech workshops

The core curriculum coursework will be supplemented with workshops featuring investors, biotech lawyers, and company founders who will share their experience and expertise. The overarching goal is to connect scholars with experts who can help them build networks or launch companies.