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How to Apply


Our rolling admissions process involves five easy steps:

Step 1: Schedule an informational discussion with our team

Schedule a meeting to learn more about this unique program. Following the meeting, you will receive a link to apply to the program.

Step 2: Apply to the Invent at Seattle Children’s Postdoctoral Scholars Program

Complete an application form, provide a CV and references, and let us know about your research interests and laboratory mentors you would like to meet.

Step 3: Meet with our program director

Dr. Jim Olson or a designee will meet with candidates to review their application, answer questions and discuss whether this program is a good fit for them.

Step 4: Identify a mentor and project

Our program manager will help make introductions to one to three potential mentors so that the candidates can arrange a virtual or in-person meeting with them.

Step 5: Admissions decisions

The admissions committee will meet regularly to consider applications along with the feedback from the program director and mentor(s). Candidates will be notified about the committee’s decision in a timely manner.


Candidates may apply up to one year before their expected thesis defense date or within three years after their PhD is awarded. Candidates who have already completed some postdoctoral training will be asked to provide a rationale for the potential transition to a second postdoctoral position. Postdoctoral scholars who have already worked in an Invent at Seattle Children’s mentor’s lab for more than nine months are generally not eligible, although Invent at Seattle Children's program affiliation and access to educational programs may be offered.

What are we looking for?

Few applicants will have experience in biotech or therapeutic discovery. Ideal candidates are passionate about discovering therapies for children, naturally curious, hard-working and know how to take a project to completion. We seek scholars who actively build their knowledge foundation through reading and seminars, and who are dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in academia and biotech. The application process is built around identifying these important qualities, some of which are not readily conveyed in a CV, but become apparent through conversations, reference letters, and written responses in the application.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

We believe that some standard admissions processes in academia and healthcare contribute to systemic racism or discrimination. For example, when a whole group of applicants is compared and prioritized, those with the strongest CVs tend to rise to the top. Often, the strongest CVs are linked to generational connections, early internships, and other privileges that are not shared by all. In contrast, we focus solely on the individual in front of us without comparing them to other applicants. We focus our recruiting efforts on candidates who identify with underrepresented or underserved minority communities, identify as LGBTQIA+, or come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Affiliate Membership in Invent at Seattle Children’s

Postdoctoral scholars working at Seattle Children’s may be eligible for Affiliate Membership. Click here to review the eligibility criteria.