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About Invent at Seattle Children's Postdoctoral Scholars Program


Kids suffer from autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, mental health disorders, cancer, and other diseases that differ from their adult counterparts. As a result, kids have largely been ignored by the pharmaceutical industry, which tends to focus on adult therapeutics.

Recent advances in drugs that fight cystic fibrosis and other diseases show the power of creating therapeutics for pediatric disorders. Our teams have advanced 14 “discovered here” chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell clinical trials and discovered Tumor Paint to light up brain tumors in kids, so that surgeons can safely remove the tumor while sparing the brain. But there is so much more to do.

We have the potential to cure many diseases that affect children with a single course of gene therapy. Seattle Children’s has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the infrastructure for therapeutic discovery and development.

We need the next generation of scientists to step forward and discover new, effective, non-toxic therapies. The Invent at Seattle Children’s Postdoctoral Scholars Program supports talented young scientists from diverse backgrounds to meet the difficult challenge of curing pediatric diseases by providing them with extensive education, mentorship, biotech infrastructure, and financial resources.

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