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NOD /ShiLtJ Feederless ES Cell Line

Embryonic stem cell line from the non-obese diabetic (NOD) strain of Mus musculus (lab mouse). This ES cell line has a pure NOD genetic background and does not require feeder cells for propagation.

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  • Direct generation of animals in the NOD background, without the need to propagate polygenic animals through multiple generations

Unique features

  • Only available NOD ES cell line with feeder cell independent propagation
  • Robust cell line that enables straightforward maintenance and manipulation

Research area

Immunodeficiency; diabetes; cancer biology

Alternate reagents

While alternate reagents are available, they have drawbacks described below:

  • NOD/129 F1 hybrid ES cells, not pure genetic background, not feederless. Learn more.
  • NOD ES cells that require feeder cells for propagation. Learn more.
  • Feeder dependent NOD line, not robust, poor propagation. Learn more.
  • Feeder dependent, from different NOD substrain. Learn more.
  • Feeder dependent NOD ES cells. Learn more.

Publications/ references


Other sources of validation

International Society for Stem Cell Research Annual meeting (ISSCR 2020) – Boston/virtual meeting June 2020

Principal investigator

Kathleen J Millen, PhD

Learn more

To learn more about this cell line, please email Kamya Rajaram.

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