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F1 Hybrid Bl6/Bl-Swiss Feederless ES Cell Line

Robust F1 hybrid embryonic stem cell line from Mus musculus (lab mouse), generated by crossing C56BL/6J mice to Black-Swiss mice. This ES cell line does not require feeder cells for propagation and readily transmits through the germline using outbred CD1 4-8 cell embryos as hosts.

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  • Streamlined generation of genetically modified founder mice with >50% c57BL/6J genetic background.

Unique features

  • Efficiently generates high percentage chimeras
  • Compatible with inexpensive outbred CD1 embryos
  • Eliminates need to use inbred albino C57 embryos as is common practice
  • Albino CD1 host embryos allow assessment of chimeras by black on white coat color
  • Germline transmission of all mutations targeted and tested to date
  • Feeder cell independent propagation enables straightforward maintenance and manipulation

Research area

ES cell genome engineering

Alternate reagents

Available C57BL/6J ES cell lines are extremely difficult to work with, and they are not as successful at contributing to the germline of chimeras



Other sources of validation

International Society for Stem Cell Research Annual meeting (ISSCR 2020) – Boston/virtual meeting June 2020

Principal investigator

Kathleen J Millen, PhD

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To learn more about this cell line, please email Kamya Rajaram.