Families As Educators

Families As Educators Highlights

Families As Teachers (FAT) is a program that matches residents and trainees with families for home-based experience. The FAT visit offers an extended opportunity to have candid and personal conversations about the realities of living with an ongoing health condition and the family's experiences with healthcare professionals – what works, what doesn't, what matters and makes a positive difference. Families involved in the program receive initial support to prepare for the visits and generally make an annual commitment to host one or two visits.

Call me anytime.... I loved having an opportunity to share our story with someone interested in learning about it – and from it.


I have worked with children who are dependent on ventilators and trachs, but this opportunity to be with the family in their home drastically changed my perspective of how to approach and support families. Though I had some idea of the challenges they encounter, I did not realize to what extent, and the strength required to overcome them. These families truly are amazing teachers if we are willing to slow down and listen. I am so grateful for the chance to visit.

Pediatric resident

For more information about the Families As Educators Program, contact Andrea Barry-Smith, senior staff support specialist, at 206-987-6791.