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Award Information

  • DAISY Award

    The DAISY Awards were established by the DAISY Foundation, which focuses on the elimination of diseases attacking the immune system. It was set up in memory of J. Patrick Barnes by his parents.

    Learn more about the DAISY Foundation.

    The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses

    The DAISY Award recognizes the superhuman work nurses do for patients and families every day.

    Each quarter, the award is given to six outstanding registered nurses at Seattle Children's. The honorees are nurses whom patients and families as well as the members of the interdisciplinary team (nurses, physicians, nutritionists, social workers and other staff) recognize as outstanding role models.

    The DAISY Award for Nurse Leaders

    The DAISY Nurse Leader Award recognizes leaders in nursing who create an environment of compassion and are role models of outstanding leadership.

    Each quarter, the award is given to one outstanding nurse leader at Seattle Children’s. The honorees are leaders whom patients, families and staff members recognize as outstanding leaders, including managers, directors, educators, chief nursing officers, preceptors, informatics nurses, etc.

    The DAISY Award for Nurses Advancing Health Equity

    The DAISY Award for Nurses Advancing Health Equity was created to honor nurses whose work advances health equity, mitigating health disparities that are caused by social determinants of health.

    Each quarter, the award is given to one outstanding nurse leader and three outstanding staff nurses at Seattle Children’s. The honorees are nurses whom patients, families, fellow nurses, managers and other workforce members recognize for their work. Nurses and nurse leaders in any practice setting or role whose work contributes to improving health equity and providing compassionate, quality healthcare are eligible for consideration.  

    Nominate a Nurse or Nurse Leader Today

    Use the form below to nominate a nurse or nurse leader for a DAISY Award for going above and beyond in providing exceptional care, compassion and dedication in their daily work.

    Please share your story of how this nurse demonstrated one or more of the following in their work. (Note: The questions below are meant to serve as prompts to help you tell us about what this nurse did that made you want to nominate them for the DAISY Award. Please feel free to create your own unique narrative if none of these apply to your experience.)

    Exceptional care
    • How did this nurse demonstrate care that is out of the ordinary?
    • How did this nurse show outstanding organization of care and facilitate communication between team members and family?
    • How did this nurse make a special connection with a patient/family?
    • How did this nurse provide an exceptional patient and family experience?
    • How did this nurse serve as a role model for other members of the healthcare team and/or the nursing profession?
    • How did this nurse make a difference in the life of a patient/family and/or colleague?
  • Great Catch Award

    The monthly Great Catch Award recognizes team members who catch an error before it leads to harm, becomes irreversible or causes significant re-work. Any member of our workforce, including staff, faculty and volunteers, can nominate (or be nominated) for this award.

  • Excellence in Safety Award

    This award recognizes individuals and team members who show an exceptional commitment to safety. Recipients model behaviors that are known to increase safety like championing the use of error prevention tools in daily work and coming up with new, evidence-based ways to improve safety.

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