Refer a Patient

Inpatient Care

Requests for Inpatient Services

Patients up to 21 years of age may be admitted to Seattle Children's. When referring a patient for admission, please follow the applicable instructions below.


To make arrangements for a same-day or next day admission to Seattle Children’s Inpatient or Emergency Department, please call Mission Control at 206-987-8899 or, toll-free, 866-987-8899.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. Your patient’s name
  2. Patient’s age or date of birth
  3. A brief history of present illness and condition
  4. Potential isolation issues
  5. Any specific issues to be addressed during your patient’s visit
  6. A contact number for updating and collaborating on your patient’s condition (if needed)

Arrival information

In general, inpatient admissions should enter through the Forest B Main entrance. Some patients may be directed to enter through the Emergency Department for a Rapid Visual Assessment. Staff will perform a brief visual assessment of the patient at no charge and send the child to the inpatient unit.

Admissions to the Emergency Department should enter through the Emergency Department Entrance.

Admission notification

If your patient is admitted to the hospital, either through the Emergency Department or as an inpatient, you will receive a fax notification of the admission within 24 hours of admission.

This fax will include the location of your patient, reason for admission, the names of the physicians responsible for care and a contact phone number.

Critical Care Transport Service

To arrange a transfer for an inpatient from another facility to Seattle Children’s, please call 206-987-5437 (KIDS). Learn more about how to request a transfer.