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New Texting Service Offers Families a Better Experience When Scheduling Their Appointments

December 6, 2023

A woman texts on her phoneWe are pleased to share that Seattle Children’s has activated a text messaging service that will confirm for families when their referral has been received and provide information about how and when to schedule their appointment. Seattle Children’s previously had this ability for a handful of clinics but is now able to do it across all specialties.

The texting service provides important information about wait times if an appointment isn’t immediately available. Follow-up texts will keep families updated about when to expect an appointment.

“This is an important evolution for Seattle Childrens,” says Amy Tufano, senior director for system access. “We’re excited to give families more visibility into wait times and a better overall experience with scheduling.”

Families will need to grant permission before Seattle Children’s begins sending text messages; our teams will assist them in opting in when they register.