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New Algorithms for Obesity, Hyperglycemia and Precocious Puberty

May 4, 2022

The Endocrinology Division has updated its obesity, insulin resistance and hyperglycemia intake decision trees. Our goal is to more effectively triage the high volume of referrals we receive and to identify patients who need to be seen urgently. Much of the triaging is now based on hemoglobin A1c, which will be needed for a referral.

We continue to have long wait times for patients who meet the criteria for the insulin resistance clinic. The following resources may help PCPs while their patients are waiting to see us or if their patients do not meet referral criteria:

These resources are also located on the Endocrinology Refer a Patient page under “Resources for Providers,” along with algorithms for diabetes, hypothyroid, goiter, precocious puberty, short stature and vitamin D deficiency.

Thank you for your partnership in managing this patient population. We welcome your feedback as we start to use these new decision trees (email

Updated Algorithm for Precocious Puberty

Endocrinology’s precocious puberty algorithm, the most-viewed algorithm on our website, has been updated with new guidance for premature menarche (see page 3).

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