Provider News

New Medical Staff

June 5, 2024

We welcome new staff this month and encourage you to learn more about them.

Medical Staff

  • Hannah Kathryn Benjamin, MD, Hospital Medicine
  • Nikolas Block-Wheeler, MD, Otolaryngology
  • Emma Christine Celano, MD, Neurosurgery
  • Eric Coon, MD, Hospital Medicine
  • Weslesy Graham Dougall, MD, General Anesthesia
  • Alevtina Gall, MD, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine
  • John Sterling Golden, DO, Neonatology
  • John Young Kim, MD, Radiology
  • Lisa Hutchison Weiss, MD, Psychiatry
  • Victor Yute Hsiao, MD, Hospital Medicine
  • Michael Jensen, MD, Neurosurgery
  • Melanie Walker, MD, Neurosurgery
  • Wang, Yonker Y., MD, Radiology
  • David Yu Zhao, MD, Neurosurgery

Allied Health Professionals

Charisse Timbol Gumapas, ARNP, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine